Madonna Is Going To Give Taylor Swift A Run For Her Money With Star Studded Music Video!

madonna teases star studded bitch im madonna video 03

Now let’s be real, Madonna is a queen. There are few people who will ever change the face of pop music like Madonna has. She went from singing about blow jobs, to singing about being a virgin, to making out with Britney Spears. Madonna’s new music is straight fire too! I love it! Can’t get enough!

Anyway, I will say that this is a huge power move for Madonna. Everyone knows ‘Bad Blood’ had a ton of singers and famous actresses in it. Now I will say Taylor did drop the ball by using models that most people didn’t even know existed. Madonna don’t care though, she is bringing in the big guns. How about her using Katy Perry too? Everyone knows that ‘Bad Blood’ was written about Katy Perry, so why not throw her in a music video that could possibly be like ‘Bad Blood’.

My girl Rita is in this one though, so obviously I am already a fan of this video!

Really though, Nicki, Beyoncé, and Miley? You can’t go wrong there!