Demi Lovato Turns 22 Today!

I don’t know about you but Demi’s feeling 22! I am aware that isn’t her song but I enjoy singing it whenever someone turns that specific age. Happiest of birthdays to Demi Lovato! She has been through a lot in her short 22 years on this earth but I truly believe that she has staying power, unlike other pop superstars that are famous right now. She will actually be around in ten years while Justin Bieber is just a joke that people use as a punch line, yup I said it!

So here is to turning 22, I hope you have a great birthday and personally I can’t wait for you to release new music, whenever that may be!

Happy 51st Birthday Johnny Depp!

ImageFifty one years ago on this fateful day Johnny Depp was born into this world, about eighteen years later he would become a heartthrob and would stay at that status for the next thirty years. I will say one thing, Johnny Depp freaks me out in a good way though. I don’t understand how he can be such a good actor and play so many different roles.

You know if I was to say I was attracted to a 51 year old man people would judge me, unless I told them it was Johnny Depp. I feel like even straight men want to sleep with Johnny Depp just to see what it is like. I mean he played Captain Jack Sparrow for gods sake! He played that coke dealer in Blow! Now he is taking on the role of playing Whitey Bulger, this man can do no wrong! Except for that last movie with Angelina Jolie, that was a wrong move. Actually his last few movies have really sucked.

This post isn’t about his sucky movies, it is about his birthday! Johnny you are forever sexy and I know you will be acting until you can no longer stand.

Happy birthday you sexy man! May you have another great fifty years of life!


Happy 39th Birthday Brian Littrell!

ImageNow some people might be thinking, why would she wish Brian Littrell a happy birthday, out of everyone, why him? I will give you one reason why I chose to wish this man a very happy 39th birthday. The main reason is that he was my first ever celebrity crush. Brian Littrell is a little angel that just so happened to be in the Backstreet Boys, my favorite boy band of all time.

Brian has those beautiful blue eyes, muscles, and seems like a good time. He is always dancing and making funny faces. Why wouldn’t you love him? Growing up everyone loved Nick but I saw the prize that is Brian Littrell, the glue of the Backstreet Boys. The foundation that is why they are still making music.

Anyway, happy birthday B-Rok and I hope that you have many many more!

Happy 26th Birthday Rihanna!

ImageHappy birthday to the baddest bitch on the planet, Rihanna! I mean she has claimed that right, right? She is just a singer that oozes sex appeal! Guys want her, girls want her, she is basically one of the hottest singers ever on the entire planet!

Rihanna has been around since she was 16 and went from Little Miss Sunshine to a bad bitch. She has had such an incredible transformation over the years and has incredible music too. Her last album kind of sucked but hopefully her next one will be better. Hopefully she stays far away from Chris Brown too, he is the definition of a piece of shit!

So happy birthday you beautiful woman, 26 has never looked so good. Thank you for giving me hits like Umbrella and S&M to jam to whenever I need to.

Go eat some cake, cake, cake, cake!

Happy 45th Birthday Jennifer Aniston!!

ImageCan you even believe that this beautiful woman is 45 years old? Listen, I know that people will say it is because she has had plastic surgery or because all she does is go to Mexico. I don’t care! Jennifer Aniston is a national treasure and it is time people respect that! When the Brad, Jen, and Angelina thing I was team Aniston, and guess what! I still am!

Honestly, you have to love her quirky little humor that she does in every single movie. Yes, she plays the same character but who cares! Not everyone can be Johnny Depp and play a new character every other second.

Jennifer Aniston is one of America’s sweethearts and most people are probably attracted to her, men, women, doesn’t matter.

Happy birthday Ms.Aniston, and here is to many more years of being fabulous!

Happy Birthday Justin Timberlake!


So there really isn’t much to say in this post other than happy birthday Justin Timberlake! You know, I really had doubts about him going solo and I didn’t lie him because I was always a Backstreet Boy fan but I am proud of him. Do I think he can act? Fuck no, he can’t act for shit.

As long as Justin Timberlake continues to create incredible music and stays away from terrible movies I think that we will be all good! Thank you for stepping back into the music ring after a long awaited absence!

Happy 33rd birthday to JT, I miss your ramen hair but you have grown into a good looking guy, proud of you! I am more proud that took Britney’s v-card though, good for you Justin!

Are Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama engaged?



So above are two pictures that have just posted and have the internet going fucking insane about the whole Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama. For those of you that have been following last year apparently Wilmer bought an engagement ring for Demi but nothing was ever confirmed. If you look at the second picture Demi is wearing a rather large ring on a specific finger which makes you wonder!

Demi usually keeps her relationship with the creepy old man top secret, she made sure that she posted about his birthday though. That makes me wonder, could there be a wedding in the works? It is about time that Wilmer settled down with someone his own age, just kidding they are like 12 years apart.

I still find this relationship creepy but if Demi is happy then I guess I am happy for her. They have been hooking up since she was only like 17 so that means something?

I don’t know I am trying to give this creepy old man the benefit of the doubt! I can’t help it!

Happy 50th Birthday Brad Pitt!


I can officially say that I have another crush who is a senior citizen! My first will always be Liam Neeson, anyway congrats Brad Pitt! He has had some questionable looks lately so I chose a picture from when he was like 47  but still old enough. Honestly I hated Brad Pitt after the whole Jennifer and Angelina thing but I forgave him. I know forgiveness from me is hard to get so be happy about that Brad!

You are looking great Brad! Keep up the good looks you handsome fella’!