Britney Spears Writes Love Letter To Her LGBTQ Fans

Today Billboard started it’s 30 Days Of Pride and I have to say, it’s a pretty incredible campaign that they are putting together. So far a ton of celebrities have written love letters, or thank you letters, whatever you want to call them, to their LGTBQ fans.

Of course Britney has a very large LGBTQ fanbase and she absolutely recognizes that she does.

“This is my letter of love to all my LGBTQ fans. Continuously throughout my career, you’ve always been so vocal about what a positive impact I’ve had on you — that I’ve instilled joy, hope and love in you at times when there was none. That my music is an inspiration. That my story gives you hope.

But I have a secret to share with you. You see, it’s actually you that lifts me up. The unwavering loyalty. the lack of judgment. The unapologetic truth. Acceptance! Your stories are what inspire me, bring me joy and make me and my sons strive to be better people.

I love you.


Her unique handwriting is adorable, I have to say that.

If you’d like to see her handwritten note, or check out other notes click here.

Brit, don’t ever change.

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Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui Comes Out As Bisexual

Earlier this week there were photos leaked of Fifth Harmony member, Lauren Jauregui kissing a female. I am not sure who it was or anything but I felt like those leaked photos should just stay away from my blog. It probably would have given my clicks but I just didn’t feel right posting them.

Yesterday though Lauren wrote a very powerful letter on Billboard about being a woman, and opened up about being bisexual, in the new Trump America that we are about to have to live in.

I will be posting my favorite passengers from it, but I think you should read all of it. Considering how well written the piece is, it deserves to be read, and you can read it all here.

Lauren starts off by saying “To every single Trump supporter trying to say that voting for Trump does not mean that you are racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, assholes… that you just like the way he didn’t really care what people thought and just said whatever he wanted… that he wasn’t a politician, so he wasn’t part of the establishment and didn’t have corrupt money backing him…”

On womanhood, Lauren gets real about it. She gets very real about how it is actually harder to be a woman. “I am proud to be a woman. Proud that the sex between my thighs provides a strength and resilience in me that only other women can feel, that my body curves in ways that allow me to create life within me, that my entire life is filled with adversity and doubt and people questioning my intelligence and my artistic potential and my expression of myself and my virtue and honor because I am too much woman. I am proud that I get to prove them all wrong. I am proud that I have to work even harder for it. I was raised to feel that I can do ANYTHING, and I will always believe that.”

She ends with a very passionate and important final statement “we are not America indivisible any longer, we are united on two separate sides; Love and Hatred. We are not “whining” about our presidential choice losing, we are screaming battle cries against those whose political and personal agendas threaten our lives and sanity. We are making sure you hear us, no matter how much it bothers you, we EXIST.”

All that I can say is good for Lauren. She is using her platform to come out and talk about real issues. She is only 20 years old and clearly wise behind her years.

Thank you for speaking your mind.


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Watch Celine Dion’s Emotional Acceptance Speech At The 2016 Billboard Awards!

Last night Celine was honored with the icon award at the Billboard Music Awards, an award that this strong female vocalist absolutely deserves for her work. She has put out hit after hit, she opened the flood gates by having her own show in Vegas and she is kind. I have truly never heard a bad thing about Celine, I have always heard that she takes time out with fans and has never had much controversy surrounding her. Over the past year she has not only lost her brother but her longtime husband Rene.

Obviously her performance was absolutely flawless, Celine is someone who can command a stage with simply her presence. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when she finished and then something happened. Her son was invited out on stage to give her the away and then there definitely wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Celine Dion is more than just an icon she is a true legend and there aren’t many of those left. Artists who demand your attention right when they step on stage, artists that were able to navigate the business before social media which makes it easier for artists and their rise.

The show must go on Celine, and you are doing an incredible job with it.

Watch the emotional moment below.

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Demi Lovato Looks Fierce On The 2016 Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet

I think that we can all agree that no matter what, Demi looks good. I may not understand her outfit at all but somehow it still works. I don’t know how she made this outfit work. She put on some dress pants, leather gloves, a jacket, I mean, alright.

It has to be her make up, it always looks on point. She is also following the trend tonight which seems to be black lace.

Demi is also performing tonight which should be incredible! I am excited to see what she decides to sing! I believe that she is also joining Nick on stage, which should be epic.

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Rihanna Ties Record With…..

Image: Getty

So Rihanna just tied a record with The Beatles. That’s right, her and The Beatles are both in the same category when it comes to legends now. How does that make you feel? Personally, I love it because I know how many people are going to hate it.

Rihanna has tied The Beatles for spending the second most weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list.  With “Work” at the top of the chart currently, Rihanna’s now held the top spot for 59 weeks in her career.

Apparently people love not understanding a damn work that Rihanna sings.

For more information check out the article Forbes wrote, pretty interesting stuff.

Go Rihanna, keep putting in work, work, work, work, work, work.

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Happy 48th Birthday Celine Dion!

I know I always say that Britney Spears is my queen, which she is don’t get me wrong. I think B.Spears is one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Celine Dion though? She is on a whole different level. She is an absolute legend and in my opinion has one of the most powerful voices to ever grace the stage. Also, I have heard about how sweet she is, never heard a negative thing about her.

Celine has had a tough year losing both her long time love Rene and her brother within days of each other. She decided to overcome those adversities though and continue on with her show in Vegas, even dedicating an entire show to her late husband. At Rene’s wake she hugged every single person that walked into the wake that was opened to the public.

Over the course of her career she has received give Grammy awards, 10 Billboard awards, twelve World Music awards, seven American Music Awards, and twenty Juno awards among many others.

She has sold over 220 million records and I am going to assume that number will continue to rise.

So happy birthday to a living legend! I can only hope that one day I will see your powerhouse vocals live!

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Listen to Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s New Song, ‘Pretty Girls’!

I genuinely don’t know how I feel about this song, I have listened to it like fifteen times too. I mean, I have no idea how I feel about it. I feel like I don’t like it, then I feel like I love it. It is all confusing for me. I know that eventually I will be dancing to this song, I mean give me a drink and play this song and I will love it!

Britney seems like she is channeling her inner Fergie in this song and I don’t hate it. It has a very ‘LA Love’ vibe, right?

Okay, maybe this song is super annoying but I don’t think it was made to be one of the best songs ever created. It serves its purpose. I will say the line “while all the boys praying Britney hits them one more time” is one of my favorite lines I have heard in a while.

Honestly, this will probably be an anthem for summer 2015, I think that we can all agree on that. Even if you hate the song you can jam to it.

Iggy you did it again! Annoying yet catchy all in the same way!

Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea Are Performing Together At The Billboard Music Awards!

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Stop the presses! Stop the presses right this instant! Britney is coming back to an awards show!! Billboard Music Awards just became one of my number one priorities and I wasn’t even aware of it!

Britney is and will always be a queen, does she sing live? No. Does she dance as well as she used to? No, she has had two knee surgeries! Does she have the personality she used to have? No, she is a mom now, must be a little tame, duh.

I give Iggy a pretty hard time because I hate her music, like Black Widow was good but I can’t stand any of her songs other than that, but she gets so much hate I almost feel bad for her. Then I remember she is still making crazy amounts of money so I don’t feel all that bad about it.

I do have a question, anyway we can cut Iggy out of this performance? Just like Britney do a melody of her hits while Iggy stands back and takes notes? No? No way? Well, alright.