Coldplay & Big Sean Team Up For “Miracles (Someone Special)” – Listen Here

Well this is a collaboration that I never thought I would hear but I don’t hate it at all.

This is a song that I could listen to on repeat which is saying a lot because I usually don’t like Coldplay. I mean I can appreciate that they are talented but their newest music has been a no from me.

If you’re watching it be sure to turn the speed up to 1.25, it sounds even better!

So Big Sean and Coldplay, I am about this collaboration that’s for sure.

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Big Sean Releases Visually Stunning “Sacrifices” Video Featuring Migos

One thing I will say for sure is that Big Sean has been releasing some of the best videos this year. They are all so visually stunning, artistic, I just have to give him credit.

Even if you don’t like his music you have to appreciate the time he puts into these videos.

Great song, great video, the end.

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Big Sean Drops “Jump Out The Window” Video

Big Sean is coming in hot with the new music, that’s for sure. He knows how to keep the videos coming and I am not complaining at all. Just three days ago he dropped the video for “Lights”, now he has released “Jump Out The Window”.

Does he even sleep?

This video is actually pretty bad ass. I love the video game aspect of it all.

I am going to say this, Big Sean is underrated. There, I said it!

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Mike WiLL Made-It & Big Sean Team Up For “On The Come Up”

Mike WiLL Made-It is a super producer from Atlanta. He has worked with many different artists but I know him from basically producing Miley Cyrus’ album Bangerz a few years back. He has the same tag at the start of every song so you know he made it.

Recently he dropped his album Ransom 2, and today he dropped a music video with Big Sean. Pretty solid few weeks if you ask me.

The song is absolute fire too. Big Sean raps the verses effortlessly and the chorus is beautifully sung, I am not sure who the singer is but she is great!

While the video is dramatic it is still a pretty solid video.

Overall, solid video, solid song. I like it.

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Happy 29th Birthday Big Sean!

Image result for big sean

Big Sean is definitely one of the best rappers out at the moment. His talent is almost unmatched. Okay, don’t start yelling at me, I said almost.

From his freestyles from years ago to his joint album with girlfriend Jhene Aiko, and now with his latest album I Decided. He is talented and has the potential to not only show off his talent, but to also have longevity. Something that doesn’t seem to happen much in popular music of today.

So happy birthday Sean! I hope that soon enough you and Rihanna come out with some music together. Don’t think we forgot about you two posting photos of each other in the studio!

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Man Crush Monday : Big Sean

Image result for big sean

When I first started to do my weekly Man Crush Monday posts about three years ago, I was doing my best to never post the same person twice. So far I think I have been doing a pretty good job. I have only repeated a few people but no one has even been a three time winner of the crown.

Today I am picking someone I know that I have put before, but he is well deserving, Big Sean.

Big Sean is one of the biggest and in my opinion best rappers out there right now. His album I Decided is absolute fire, and if you haven’t listened to it just yet, I would highly recommend it. The beats used, his flow, everything about it genius.

So clearly he is extremely talented, but he also isn’t so bad to look at. He always looks good on the red carpet and there is just something so sexy about a man that can dress well. He even teamed up with Puma because of his fashion sense.

My favorite feature about Sean though? His smile.

Happy Monday and listen to I Decided if you haven’t yet!

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Big Sean Teams Up With Puma!

Image result for big sean puma

It looks like Big Sean has officially joined the Puma family!

Big Sean’s title with the company will be “Creative Collaborator and Global Brand Ambassador”, which sounds mighty fancy if you ask me.

Although Big Sean has always been an Adidas guy, it is clear that he is excited to join with the brand. In case you didn’t know, Puma has also teamed up with Rihanna, so they definitely know what they are doing.

To learn more about the collaboration click here.

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Big Sean Shows Off His “Moves” In New Music Video

Big Sean is releasing a new album titled I Decided, which will drop on February 3rd, and he decided that “Moves” was going to his his leading track.

In most of the video he just bounces around from different backdrop to different backdrop, he even juggles his air titties.

It reminds me of a little music video called “Hotline Bling”.

Even though I think this music video is lame as hell, I can appreciate his lyrics and word play, and I genuinely believe that his album will one of the biggest of 2017.

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Big Sean Releases New Song “Moves”, Listen Here!

Big Sean is one of my favorite rappers out there right now, he is absolutely incredible. Personally I think that his flow and wordplay is something incredible. This song is absolute fire too, there’s no doubting that one.

Yesterday Big Sean announced that he is releasing a new album titled ‘I Decided’, it is available for pre-order now, but it will be released on February 3rd, 2017.

This album will definitely be a smash, there’s no doubting that.

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Big Sean Releases Incredible New Song “No More Interviews”

Big Sean is my absolute favorite rapper right now. I understand everyone loves Drake and whatever but Big Sean is so underrated and amazing.

He throws some shade at Naya Rivera and Kanye West, and I love it.

Check out potentially one of his greatest songs yet!

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