Justin Bieber Storms Off Stage During Oslo Performance

Justin Bieber lost it Thursday, pitching a fit during his performance and storming offstage.

It went down in Oslo during a TV performance. One of his fans spilled something on the stage and Justin tried mopping it up but someone blocked him, and that was it.

It’s the second meltdown in 24 hours. On Wednesday, he walked off a radio show.

Bieber just posted a statement, saying he’s had a rough week with no sleep, adding, “I don’t always handle things the right way but I’m human and I’m working on getting beer at responding not reacting.”

As for “beer,” we think he meant “better.”

The Oslo fans haven’t given up … they’re still at the TV studio, serenading him with “Baby.” (credit)

I was wondering how long this Bieber good boy act would happen. I mean he has been on an apology tour for about a year, now he is releasing his first album in two years I believe, maybe three, so he wants everyone to still think of him as a nice, caring, but misunderstood person. He is just a boy growing up. I call bullshit. Bieber you are 21 now, time to grow up a little bit.

I want to say that Bieber was probably aware that if he wanted to go to the very edge of a stage when the Beliebers are nuts, he probably knew that people would try and grab him. If he really wanted it cleaned up, he should have sent someone else to do the job.

Look at his half ass apology too. Earlier in the week he hinted that he was the new Justin Timberlake, and let me just say one thing. Justin Timberlake would never walk off stage. Justin Bieber you have nothing on Timberlake, you have half the talent and zero class.

I feel bad for the fans that paid to see Bieber and he decided to storm off the stage.

To the people saying that these girls should have listened, shut up. These girls were so close to their idol of course they are going to reach up and grab at him. It is something he should be used to by now.

Bieber, this was very unprofessional.

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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Dropped A Surprise Single Called ‘Strong’

This move reminds me of when Rihanna and Chris Brown decided to drop a surprise single together. Alright, now from what I know about the Justin and Selena relationship there was no domestic violence, so it isn’t as shocking but it is a little bit right?

I genuinely wish that these two would just leave their relationship in the past. They need to do what JT and B.Spears did in the early 2000’s. The two of them broke up and basically never spoke about each other again. Selena has openly said that she wished people would stop associating her with Bieber, then they drop a duet. I mean, it is brilliant but stupid. If you want to stop being associated with each other, don’t do things like this, am I right?

The song isn’t bad but I hate when guys sing in their higher register for an entire song, I have always hated it. I hate it when Bieber does it when JT does it, I hate it when Usher would do it. Just isn’t my favorite thing in the world.

In reality this is a smart thing for Bieber to do since he wants his so called come back album to blow up and Selena is super hot right now. So why not release a song to get your fans back into believing in Jelena.

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Justin Bieber Doesn’t Care About His Hair Anymore! Check Out The New Look.

Remember when Justin Bieber used to care about his hair? He used to always be flipping his little kind bangs out of his eyes, then he cut it short like in the photo I posted above? He always wanted to have his hair look good, now I have come to the conclusion that Bieber doesn’t give a shit about his hair.

Today he showed up to the “Today Show” looking like this.

Screen shot 2015-09-10 at 10.49.52 AM.png

I mean he is smart because people are going to continue to talk about his haircuts like they used to back in the day, but what the fuck is this? Pardon my language but I am confused. I don’t understand this haircut at all.

In fact let me step back away from Bieber and his platinum blonde hair and ask a question to everyone. Why is platinum hair making a come back? Why do people think this is a good look. Let me tell you something Jared Leto, the entire Kardashian family, and Bieber it isn’t a good look. Stop trying to make platinum blonde happen it’s never going to happen.

Really though, what the hell is this haircut? He looks like Miley Cyrus. I used to not understand the comparisons but guess what, I see it now.

Justin Bieber is trying so hard to be Tilda Swinton.

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Justin Bieber Cried After His VMA Performance

The Reason Justin Bieber Cried At The VMAs

Last night Justin Bieber made his comeback to the VMA stage and performed his two songs ‘Where Are You Now’ and ‘What Do You Mean?’ When he finished up his performance the Biebs broke down into tears. The camera went from Miley then back to Bieber once he started to let those tears flow down his cheeks. He stood there for a solid minute after his performance, just crying.

Now his reps are saying that the tears were real and it was because he was flooded with all of the positivity hat he has been given on social media lately. Basically people are ready to forgive him for being a complete asshole, and willing to give his music another shot. Personally I have disliked all his new music but the worst thing he did was throw eggs at a house, right? It’s not like he beat his girlfriend, looking at you Chris Brown, or had gang affiliation and threaten his ex-girlfriends friends on Twitter, again looking at you Chris Brown. He did some dumb kid stuff and realized he needs to make money again. He has gone on his apology tour, the big apology tour of 2015 and now wants to sell out stadiums again, so he had to look vulnerable on stage. He needed to win back the hearts of the people! How could he do that easily? Cry!

Well Bieber I am onto you! You aren’t the first performer to be a real piece of shit and try and win back the crowd by crying! Let’s think about Chris Brown in 2009, his big comeback was at the BET Awards when he did a tribute to the late Michael Jackson, when he finished he broke down into tears. Yup, that was it. People thought he changed because he was emotional.

Remember last year at the VMA’s when his very famous on again off again girlfriend sang ‘The Heart Wants What I Wants’ and broke down into tears at the end? Yup! That happened. Maybe he just cried because Selena did last year. I mean, I feel like ‘What Do You Mean’ isn’t even that emotional of a song.

So Bieber I see you and crocodile tears, your new song is all over the radio so I really don’t think that you need to be crying on stage.

There’s also a possibility he cried because for some unknown reason he showed up with some Kate Gosselin looking hair.

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Justin Bieber Takes Multiple Selfies While Strolling The Beach

Say cheese! On Friday Justin Bieber was caught taking selfie after selfie while on a beach in Hawaii

So over the past few days a ton of pictures of Bieber strolling a Hawaii beach have surfaced and let’s just say, he took a shit ton of selfies. I mean over and over again. No man loves himself more than Bieber does.

Justin was seen strutting around showing off his muscles, and wearing compression capri pant things? Basically homeboy wore leggings to the beach. I don’t understand that move unless he has some more weird tattoos that he is trying to cover up. Although I can’t imagine that because he loves to show off his gross sleeves that don’t make any sense.

I do think that we can all admit one thing, those Calvin advertisements. Well they were doctored certain areas for sure, you can take that however you’d like.

He didn't stop: The 21-year-old Baby hit maker sat shirtless on the shore all by himself

The reclining pose: The Canadian tried to get every angle as he showed off his chest tattoos

More to love: Justin flaunted even mor eof himself after removing his board shorts to reveal a pair of very form-fitting wet-suit leggings

Little hidden here: The 21-year-old Baby crooner showed off all his above-the-waist tattoos

Justin Bieber Wears Golden Dragons To The 2015 Met Gala

Justin Bieber, Met Gala 2015

Bieber is looking like an adult right now! His hair tame, he isn’t making a stupid face, and his outfit isn’t all that bad. I mean I don’t love the golden dragons but I finally figured out the theme for the night and his outfit makes sense.

The theme by the way is “China:Through The Looking Glass”, which means dragons and Geisha outfits so I can see why he would wear this.

Tonight Selena Gomez is there, obviously she is Justin’s ex. But so is Kendall Jenner who Justin has been linked to recently along with Hailey Baldwin one of his buddies. Will there be a cat fight tonight? Is he feeling weird?

Those boots are fly though, I see that tiny heel he has on that to make himself look taller. That is such a Tom Cruise move it isn’t even funny.

Will Justin Bieber Make A Comeback?

So for the past few days Bieber has been on a bit of a different path than he has been over the course of the past few months, well more like year and a half. The troubled star has been arrested, thrown eggs at his neighbors house, pee’d in mop buckets then cussed out a picture of Bill Clinton, he has basically been awful. Let’s be honest, someone had a real sit down with Bieber and let him know that this wasn’t good for his image. Being arrested, getting stupid tattoos, all of these things are bad for business.

Now my real question isn’t will Bieber make a comeback, it is will he be as big as he was. For a solid year or two Bieber basically owned the music business, he was on the stop of the charts and he was killing it. Then he turned what, 18 or something and kind of lost it all. He was still touring around but he was showing up late to shows, puking on stage, and in Brazil he was more interested in running around at brothels rather than focusing on his career. Now he is going on a full PR tour to try and win back America. Most people still think he is a little shit, which I still believe but he wants us to think otherwise, because he isn’t that kid.

Over the past few days he has gone on a full out PR tour to try and get people to look at him different. He is also growing out his hair again, maybe trying to make some girls feel nostalgic. Maybe if he brings back his Bieber haircut the girls will love him again? Is that what he is thinking. Or more like is that what Scooter Braun is thinking? Since we all know that he is the one currently pulling the strings for Bieber. Instead of admitting to being a little shit, he admits that he was just acting. He is really a caring and kind person. He went on Ellen and told her that he was nervous to be in front of the camera again. That is some straight up bullshit in my opinion. He used to ham it up for the camera, what now that America doesn’t love you, you are nervous?

If Britney Spears can make a comeback after her little episode in 2007 I believe that Bieber will make a comeback. Then again Britney is a straight up icon where as Bieber fell before he hit icon status, in my opinion at least. He is more on that Chris Brown apology tour. I will tell you that after watching his two videos, one he posted apologizing to his fans, and the other on Ellen, I will say that he doesn’t seem sincere. He knows how bad he messed up and he wants to get his music back. I am going to say this though, I don’t think his new music will stay at number one, might hit number one but it wont stay there like his old music did.

So Bieber keep on keeping on with your public apology tour. We have seen it with actors, politicians, and musicians well before you. I just wonder how the public is going to react, again I will say that Bieber will never be what he once was.

Here is the apology video he decided to post. Where he admits he was acting like something he’s not…..No word on if he regrets those stupid ass tattoos though.

Justin Bieber is Getting Roasted By Comedy Central!

Word on the street is that Justin Bieber is getting roasted on his 21st birthday and it was all his idea. According to different sources Bieber has wanted to be roasted for a while now, but apparently he didn’t have enough to work with. Now, now is a different story. Unless you have lived under a rock for the past year and a half Bieber now has a lot to work with. Imagine if that was his plan all along? He had to do dumb shit, just so he could get made fun of on a roast, that would be kind of perfect.

This is all apparently going down on March 1st, but I do have a few questions. For the James Franco roast, I feel like they went a bit soft on him. I don’t want that shit for this roast. They need all the greats to just rip Bieber apart. That is what I want to see, clearly Comedy Central is aware of the ratings that are going to come from this roast too. Plus the millions of Beliebers crying about how people need to stop being mean to Justin because the don’t understand what a roast is.

I am confused though because I always thought that a roast was for people at the end of their career, just wanting to revive it for a reality show or something. Isn’t it a little bit soon to play your own roast? Comedy Central didn’t contact him like they usually do, no instead he begged and pleaded to make this happen.

Here is a list of things the roasters can focus on

-bleached hair

-arrest in Miami

-leaving a brothel in Brazil

-terrible music

-thinking he is black

-the selena on and off again mess

-egging his neighbors house

-being forced to move because of egging the house

-that time he tried to attack a paparazzi in France and everyone made hilarious memes of it.

I do think the best joke would be not having any real comedians want to take a crack at Biebs because he isn’t worth their time.

Please, please don’t let Jaden Smith go up there and try and roast Bieber. You know he will be there though which really sucks.

Have Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Broken Up Again?

Personally I am sick of writing about this couple but today I saw the video posted above and I died laughing. Apparently Selena has been tweeting a whole bunch of stuff about how God is her one and only, or something like that. People were starting to question their relationship again after Bieber was spotted out with Selena’s mortal enemy Kendall Jenner and then Selena posted a picture with Miranda Kerr, basically the reason that Orlando punched Justin. Oh and Selena unfollowed the Biebs in Instagram which is the ultimate slap in the face, right? Especially now to unfollow someone, you might as well stab them in the heart.

Anyway this video was posted today from someone who happened to be at the Saint Martin airport at the exact same time that Selena and Justin were there to catch their flight to Paris. Well you can see Selena storm in and basically throws her purse down in a fit of anger before she just stands there looking at the van that Bieber was sitting in. He stays in there for a solid three minutes before exiting, walking right by Selena and go his gate. She follows behind but there is absolutely no interaction.

So let’s be real, does anyone even care about these two anymore? I have come to the conclusion that neither will ever have a serious comeback, especially not Bieber, he is done for. Nick Jonas is what is hot right now, Bieber you are old ass news!  Selena there is still a tiny sliver of hope left for you.

Justin Bieber & Orlando Bloom Are The Newest Celebrity Feud!

Orlando Bloom faced off with pop brat Justin Bieber

Most people who are just hearing about this feud thinks that it is random but in reality this little blow out they had has been years in the making. Back when Bieber performed at the Victoria’s Secret show Orlando’s then wife Miranda Kerr apparently partied with him until the wee hours of the morning. Then just recently Orlando was spotted out with Justin’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez at a Chelsea Handler show.

I am just wondering what will come of their little video that got released last night where Orlando smacks Justin. You can hear Justin saying something like “come at me bitch” before his body guards stand in front of him so Orlando can’t exactly go at him like he demands. Nothing like a little guy hiding behind his big security team to make him look tough, sarcasm I hope you read that with sarcasm.

So far neither side has said anything about the whole fight, Bieber did tweet something about remaining positive, like he always does whenever he gets into trouble. Bieber also threw in a little dig at Bloom with this Instagram post last night.


I honestly can’t wait for this to unfold more because there is a lot more than meets the eyes. There is no way Orlando would just smack the hell out of Justin for no reason, although many people would do just that.

The video above doesn’t show the smack that Orlando allegedly gave Justin, so far no videos have surfaced of that.

So here is the real question? Team Bieber or Team Bloom? I gotta say I am team Bloom!

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