Justin Bieber Adds Eagle To His Tattoo Collection

Justin Bieber out there posing like a girl on Tinder who is only there to hook up.

This eagle tattoo is just too much. I understand that some people say tattoos are a way of expression but this is fucking atrocious. I can’t even take this seriously.

Truthfully I didn’t think tht anything could get worse than his son og God tattoo, but it looks like I was wrong. Adding a giant eagle right over your belly button is definitely a gross tattoo  idea.

Before you start with the whole, it’s his body he can do what he wants, you’re right. You’re right if he thinks it looks good that’s fine but he’s wrong.

These poses have me dying though.

What do you think of the new tattoo? Let me know!

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Justin Bieber Returns To Familiar Haircut

0110_justin_bieber_haircut-akm-gettyPhoto Credit 

It looks like Justin BIeber may be going back to the haircut that made him famous. Okay, well his singing made him famous but do you remember when he cut his hair? His fans literally threatened to kill themselves because he cut his damn hair. Then again Beliebers are fucking nuts.

Anyway, Bieber was spotted with some serious man bangs today.

The internet is very excited about this hair and now that he has enough attention about it, I am going to guess that he will shave his head.

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Justin Bieber Goes On Anti-Intagram Rant

Getty Images

Well Justin Bieber likes to pretend that he is this really deep thinker, I truly believe he thinks that he is above others. We all know that I think he has a God complex which makes sense since he is comparing to something he doesn’t like to the devil. He is up there teasing his crazy ass fans.

Now I know that he is probably doing this all in fun but he also wants to remind his fans that he is never coming back.

So there you have it! Instagram is the devil, Bieber says so!

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Justin Bieber Got A New “Child Of God” Tattoo

Justin Bieber In Concert - 2016 Purpose World Tour - Seattle, WA
Photo: Getty Images

Let me be clear, I hate most of Justin Bieber‘s tattoos, I think that they look trashy and they aren’t well thought out. Of course what do I know about how he thinks about tattoos, I would say the only one that I kind of like are the wings at the bottom of his neck. Those came out nice bt all of the other ones, not a huge fan. The one another his belly button and the Respect down his neck are the worst. So I thought.

Looks like Justin went the Tupac route and wanted to get a tattoo across his stomach. Let me be clear, Tupac’s tattoo was incredible, it fit him.

This Bieber tattoo though? What a fucking mess. Nothing like Son of God across your stomach. Personally I feel like he has some kind of God complex, but I won’t get into that. Some will just say he is spiritual but it is more than that, we all know it!

Check out the picture and let me know if you love it or hate it.

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Justin Bieber Walks Off Stage In Manchester After Crowd Boos Him!

Photo published for Justin Bieber storms off stage in Manchester after crowd booed him when he told them to stop...

Oh my god Justin Bieber, you’re the absolute worst. You are seriously the fucking worst. These fans pay to see you sing, not listen to your stoner rambling about life and trying to be philosophical. When you’re at concerts, you are supposed to scream and cheer and be in the moment. Sure, some artists talk to the crowd but nobody complains about screaming. Take that back, once at a concert I was at, Ed Sheeran asked the crowd to be quiet so he could sing a song about his grandfather who passed away. I could understand that.

Anyway, Justin Bieber hates his fans most of the time. He doesn’t want to take photos with them, he doesn’t want to have any meet and greets, and now he doesn’t want them to scream. He would like them to listen to his rambling.

Well, Manchester wasn’t having it tonight and they booed him off stage. Good for you Manchester, I am proud of you guys!

Honestly, I don’t know how Bieber even has fans. He doesn’t appreciate the support that they show. Beliebers are fucking insane too believe me, I have been in many Twitter battles with them. They are passionate and will defend Bieber to their grave. He doesn’t care though.

In my opinion, Bieber has some kind of God complex shit going on. It’s like Kanye. Nobody wants to hear you’re thoughts on life and everything else, they just want you to thank them for being there and perform.

How long until the next Bieber meltdown?

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Justin Bieber Claims Activating His Instagram Was An Accident

So earlier today I posted about how Bieber was making his big comeback on Instagram, looks like I was wrong. Well I was half wrong. He did in fact activate it again, but he claims that it was it was an accident. Maybe he was just feeling left out because he wasn’t at the VMAs and wanted some attention back on him.

Sorry Beliebers, your boy still isn’t back on the app and just reactivated his account to tease you.

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Justin Bieber Is Back On Instagram

Well Justin Beiber is back on Instgram after all of that drama that happened a few weeks back. It looks like he has decided to get back on the social media saddle because he can’t go too long without being in the news for a selfie. We all know that.

Over the weekend his rumor girlfriend Sofia Richie turned 18, so maybe now that she is legal he wants to continue to post their budding romance? Who knows, but I am still very surprised he hasn’t posted a long notepad screen shot about how bullied he is on the internet.

Are you happy that Bieber is back? Let me know on Facebook or Twitter, click the links below!

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Justin Bieber Gets Into Fist Fight

jbPhoto: TMZ

TMZobtained a video of Justin Bieber getting into a fist fight in Cleveland last night with an unidentified man.

Bieber was in town supporting the Cleveland Cavaliers and there is really no word on what caused the fight or anything so far. By the looks of it the other gentleman bopped Bieber on the head, Bieber threw a right hook and then was thrown around like a rag doll. Security was able to get in between them fairly quick though and no word on Bieber’s injuries if there are any.

Again this is a developing story so that is all we know so far!

It really does look like Justin is on a quick spiral downward.

Be sure to check back for updates!

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Justin Bieber’s Newest Accessory Is A Pacifier

Before I make fun of him I am going to quickly explain what Bieber had to say about why he is currently using a pacifier. No, it’s not because he is finally admitting to being a brat, he says it is to try and quit smoking. Yup, he is trying to quit smoking by sucking on a pacifier. I mean normal people usually just go cold turkey, chew some gum, use a patch. Justin needs to make a statement about it though.

Listen, I am sorry Bieber but if you are sick of living in a fishbowl and always being photographed. Stop doing weird shit. That simple. If you don’t want people to take pictures of you, don’t walk around barefoot, don’t be a grown man sucking on a fucking pacifier in public. Or simply admit you like the attention.

Know who the only other people I know that use pacifiers other than babies are? Adults that roll on E or Molly. That’s right. This all started when he was in Monaco at some racing event. I am not saying he is on those drugs, I am just saying the only other people I know to do something like this frequent raves.

Of course his fans love it, Beliebers are brainwashed, I am pretty sure that there are subliminal messages laced in some of his tracks. I swear to God though, if Bieber makes this a fashion trend, I am going to move to the moon.

Keep on sucking though Justin, you keep up with that oral fixation that you have.

Justin Bieber Dummy

This is seriously fucking bizarre I can’t even handle it.

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Justin Bieber Is Charging $2,000 A Fan For ‘Purpose’ Tour Meet And Greet

Embedded image permalink

Justin Bieber will hit the road for the first time in three years when he opens up his “Purpose” tour in Seattle on March 9, but for those who want to meet him in person, they will have a pay a hefty price and true Beliebers aren’t happy.
Bieber is providing two VIP ticket packages to fans that want to meet him before his concert.
The first package, called “The Ultimate #Purpose Experience,” cost $2,000 and the second, “The ‘I’ll Show You’ VIP #Purpose Experience,” is $925, each per person.The Ultimate #Purpose Experience gives fans a chance to snap a selfie with the singer backstage and a seat in a barricaded section closest to the stage. Ticket holders also get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour backstage and an official tour plaque.
The “I’ll Show You” Experience also offers a meet and greet with Bieber, but photos are taken in a group. Both packages include early entry into the venue, access to the pre-show hospitality lounge, a premium merchandise package and a digital download of the “Purpose” album.
Because of the steep pricing for the chance to meet their favorite performer, Beliebers are crying foul on social media, using the hashtag #justiceforbrokeliebers. (credit)

Holy shit, I feel bad for Beliebers everywhere. Tickets are expensive enough, can you imagine tacking on an extra grand. I guess with these packages it comes with tickets, but still. I feel bad for the parents of Bieber fans because you know those little crazy preteen girls will want to meet him.

Storytime, you ready? For Backstreet Boys comeback tour with New Kids On The Block I bought VIP tickets so I could finally meet them. If you have followed my blog at all you know that I am too big of a fan than is socially acceptable. Anyway, it was $600 for two VIP tickets, with that we got to hear a soundcheck, about four to five songs, have a question and answer with the guys, and then take single photos with them, rather than group photos. Now I know people will say, well they were cheap because they are no longer a big deal. Correction! The Backstreet Boys are still legends in their own right, and their VIP experience was great. No selfies unfortunately but still great.

Truthfully I am worried about people who spend this much money on Bieber then he doesn’t do his show in full. He has a pretty solid reputation when it comes to walking off stage because he is tired, or puking on stage. Either way it could happen and these poor fans are out thousands of dollars while he still rakes in the cash.

So for you Bieber fans, I am sorry your favorite singer is kind of a douche bag.

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