Watch Betty White Show James Corden Her Poker Face

Betty White is a national treasure. We need to protect her at all costs! Over the past two years we have lost too many celebrities but somehow Betty White has made it out safely.

Let’s keep it that way, we need eyes on Betty keeping her safe at all times.

Honestly, I don’t even know why Betty was on James Corden‘s show but she was there. She also talked about her poker face and that’s all you need to know.

Betty made it clear that her and her friends don’t play for money, they play for blood. What a legend.

Betty also opened up about love and how much she loved her late husband.

I can only hope that one day I can sit with Betty White and we can talk about life.

Is there anyway I can have that go on Twitter and make it go viral? I just want to sit with Betty and have her give me some life advice.

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Betty White Remembers Friend Mary Tyler Moore In Sweet Post

Image result for betty white and mary tyler mooreSource: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

How crazy is it that Betty White, has outlived so many of her friends and co-stars at this point in her career? I think that the only show she has been a part of that where her co-stars are still alive would be ‘Hot in Cleveland’.

Earlier this week Mary Tyler Moore passed away at age 80, and Betty took to Instagram to post about her late friend.

Betty White joined ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ show in 1973 and the two of them remained close friends ever since the show ended.

In case you didn’t know, Betty is the last surviving main actress from both the ‘Golden Girls’ and ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’.

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Happy 95th Birthday To Betty White!

Image result for betty white

The year 2016 took away a lot of really incredibly talented celebrities but it couldn’t take Betty White, she wouldn’t allow it.

Although she has been subjected to death hoaxes in the past, Betty is still slaying at 95 years old. She is the last surviving member from ‘The Golden Girls’ and she is known for being hysterical during interviews, and just about everywhere.

Think about it, she was born in 1922, so she has seen the country come together, fall apart, really she has seen so much and has more wisdom than any of us will ever know.

“I have no regrets at all. None. I consider myself to be the luckiest old broad on two feet.”— From a 2013 interview with Guinness World Records

Betty knows how lucky she is, she remains humble and kind.

Let’s be real, she is a rare gem and she should be treated as such.

Happy birthday and thank you for being a friend!

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Happy 94th Birthday Betty White!

Happy birthday to this national treasure! Is there anyone better than Betty White? I don’t think so.

There is nothing more that I need to say, I don’t think anything else is needed. Know what my favorite thing about Betty White other than her sexually commenting on nearly everything? She loves animals, she is always donating to different charities to help save animals.

We should all try and be a little more like Betty White.

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Happy 30th Anniversary To ‘The Golden Girls’!

I will be the first person under the age of 50 to admit that I absolutely love ‘The Golden Girls’ this show is absolutely hilarious. I could watch it for hours and genuinely never get sick of the show! Actually, I know a lot of people, mostly women, around my age that feel as though they can identify with these four fabulous women.

Honestly this show has become a timeless classic and I hope that repeats run for another 30 years so kids who are home sick from school can catch a repeat and fall in love with it.

Thank you for being a friend ladies!

Cue the music and the cheesecake!

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Betty White Crushes The SNL 40 Red Carpet!

I think that we can all agree that Betty White is an absolute National Treasure, legend, amazing human in general. No but seriously, Betty White might possibly one of the greatest celebrities of all time. I wish I could adopt her as a grandmother.

Look at her in this picture. Wearing a sparkly jacket with flowers all over it, her make up is on point. Not too much, not too little. Her hair looks fabulous as always.

Can we also talk about the fact that she is using a “selfie stick”, how perfect is that. Betty White is 93 years old, probably has never taken a selfie in her life, and she is killing it. She is probably also realizing how stupid, egotistical, and obnoxious the younger culture is. Considering that a “selfie stick” is even a real thing, she probably has some questions.

Betty White, you are timeless, congrats for being the most loved celebrity of all time.

Can we also talk about how Adam Sandler or the Opera Man said “Betty White is here so we are all getting laid-o”, hilarious.