Meghan Trainor Releases Emotional Song “Better” ft. Yo Gotti

I can’t remember what interview it was but Meghan Trainor said that she can shit out hits, and she is right. Whether she is writing for someone else or writing her own songs, every song is incredible. LA Reid knew exactly what he was doing when he signed Meghan. Do I think that this is her best song? No, but I think it is still a hit.

In reality I have to give Meghan Trainor credit for the message she decided to deliver in this music video. She could have easily had a girl pining over a boyfriend that treats her wrong, but in stead she took on an alcoholic family members. The song takes on a whole new meaning when you put it to a video like this, it is a song that I can really and truly respect.

Keep on doing your thing Meghan because obviously it’s working really well.

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