Tyler Posey & Bella Thorne Make It Instagram Official


I truly feel like all of the guys in young Hollywood are tripping to get close to Bella Thorne and I just don’t understand it. I honestly don’t even know why she is famous, she could be famous for anything!

Really though, I am not trying to hate on this girl, maybe a little, but not trying to hate too much. She is probably a Nickelodeon darling and that is where she got her start. I only know her from dating Greg Sulkin and now apparently Tyler Posey.

Again, this pairing is very interesting to me. Obviously they are both famous, young, and good looking but I don’t know. Tyler was engaged to his childhood love, and Bella is always just taking selfies in bikinis. Maybe Hollywood changed Tyler?

I give this couple four more months of Instagram posts before they break up!

Good for her though, she keeps snagging hotties.

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Man Crush Monday: Gregg Sulkin

So recently I have been getting back into the show “Faking It” on MTV. It is pretty hilarious and I think more people should watch it. One time Katie Stevens, one of the man characters, followed me on Twitter then I thanked her and she immediately unfollowed me. It was a sad time but I was able to move past it!

Gregg Sulkin is one of the main actors on the show as well and hot damn. I mean seriously, what a babe! To make it even better he is British so he does in fact have an accent. Gregg was also on my ultimate guilty pleasure “Pretty Little Liars” and again, he was a babe on that too.

Right now this hot piece of man is off the market, dating Bella Thorne which is a damn shame. Gregg go be single and let me write stories about you! No one cares that you are a nice guy who loves his girlfriend. That’s a joke guys, he actually wrote a really sweet write up about Bella.

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