Bella Thorne & Scott Disick Seem To Be Officially Back On

Well, it looks like Bella Thorne is having a tough time quitting Scott Disick.

Earlier this month the two were spotted getting cozy on a date in LA, then they went to Cannes together, only to have Bella leave in less than 24 hours. Bella then said Scott partied too hard, Scott sent Bella flowers, and it looks like the maybe couple are hanging out again.

They were spotted leaving Lana Del Rey’s 32nd birthday bash hand in hand.

This couple is a mess, we can’t even pretend that it isn’t. Clearly they want to be talked about though, which is why they are hanging out again.

Don’t hate the player hate the game, right?

Really though, someone get Bella Thorne. She doesn’t need to be hanging out with Scott Disick. I understand wanting publicity but being with Scott isn’t a good look for anyone.

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Bella Thorne Is Totally Over Cannes – See Her Tweet Here

It was just yesterday that Bella Thorne was loving Cannes with her new buddy Scott Disick. The two had been frolicking on a balcony for two whole days, but today all of that has come to end.

Today Scott was spotted with a random brunette on the very same balcony with no Bella in sight.

Well Bella did what she did best, she took to Twitter to throw some shade.

Come on Bella, you didn’t actually think that Scott wanted to be with you, right? Hell maybe Bella didn’t want to be with Scott!

I can’t wait for someone to spill some tea.

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Scott Disick & Bella Thorne Show Off Major PDA In Cannes

Photo: Backgrid

Well it looks like Scott and Bella have taken their love overseas.

The maybe couple are currently in Cannes frolicking and partying together. Isn’t new love just so beautiful? Maybe just a little trashy too.

Word on the street is that Scott and Bella are not serious at all, but Scott is using her while he can. That’s romance right there! Bella is probably loving the publicity too.

No shame in their game.

Can’t wait to see what happens with this fake couple.

Photo: BackgridPhoto: Backgrid

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Scott Disick & Bella Thorne Were Spotted Getting Cozy

At first I didn’t like Bella Thorne, I knew that she was famous for dating famous guys and that was that.

Now, I kind of respect her game. She is constantly spotted out with a new famous guy, that’s some kind of hustle.

Daily Mail were the first to score the photos of the two. Disick 33, and Thorne, 19, were spotted getting cozy at a West Hollywood tequila bar. The two were reportedly cuddled up close all night long.

The two left together around 1:30 am.

As most people know Scott was famously with Kourtney Kardashian for a long time before she finally kicked him to the curb after being cheated on like a million times.

Scott has admitted to being a sex addict and reportedly was going to get help, but now he just wants to party.

Bella Thorne, I respect the hustle of going through dudes the way you do.

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Charlie Puth Drops New Song & Video For “Attention”

Charlie Puth is back with dropping hits.

It is pretty clear that Charlie is one of the more talented young artists out there, he writes his own music, plays instruments, and writes for other people. Let’s also be happy that he cut his hair, no more mop which we can all appreciate.

This song “Attention” has a 90’s vibe to me, late 90’s early 2000’s, and I am not complaining at all. I love that, that specific sound is coming back, no complaints here!

I kind of feel like this song is just a ton of shade to Bella Thorne.

So Bella Thorne, welcome to your tape.

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Bella Thorne Shuts Down Gregg Sulkin Nude Photos With One Simple Tweet

Image result for gregg sulkin and bella thorne

I have said some things about Bella Thorne but I have to give this girl credit, she knows how to have headlines written about her. Whether she is fucking with Charlie Puth‘s little heart or shutting down rumors about Gregg Sulkin‘s dick, she knows what she is doing.

The story is this. There have been a lot of nude leaks on male MTV stars at the moment. Cody Christian and Tyler Posey, both from ‘Teen Wolf’ had photos leak and then there was a rumor going around about Gregg Sulkin.

Bella decided to throw her two cents in about how it isn’t actually Gregg. Tyler’s nudes were a part of the leak too but they are videos so she can’t really comment on that being real. I bring up Tyler because she dated Tyler like two seconds after breaking up with Gregg, so obviously she would know.

So there you have it. No Gregg dick pics as of now.

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Bella Thorne Defends Herself After Charlie Puth Drama

Image result for bella thorne and charlie puth

I am still not totally sure what Bella Thorne does other than date male celebrities, comment on Demi Lovato‘s Instagram posts, and dye her hair. That is truly all that I know about her.

Well there was a tone of drama between her and Charlie Puth this week, and Bella has decided that she wanted to share her side of the story. She tried to play the whole thing cool, called Charlie out for being butt hurt.

Bella, stop. You shouldn’t have responded at all. She also disabled comments on her Instagram after their break up since everyone was shitting on her.

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Charlie Puth Calls Out Bella Thorne For Playing Him

Image result for charlie puth and bella thorne

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Well that fling between Charlie Puth and Bella Thorne didn’t last long at all. The couple is already over and Charlie isn’t being quiet about how he feels about the whole situation.

Here’s what he had to say after Bella posted a photo of her embracing her ex-boyfriend Tyler Posey.

After these tweets were posted, Bella replied by tweeting out this.

screenshot credit

Now I am sure that Charlie feels pretty stupid because Bella made him look a bit dumb. Bella goes through guys very quick and that is all I know her for. I genuinely have no idea what else she does.

Let’s be real though, these two have been dating for like 15 seconds. If Charlie is this upset over a break up this quick, I would hate to see him in an actual relationship.

Can we now stop talking about Bella Thorne? Until she dates her next victim of course.

Also one last note to Bella, it looks like you two were a bit more than “just friends”, don’t play dumb.

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Bella Thorne & Charlie Puth Are Reportedly Dating

Singer Charlie Puth and man eater Bella Thorne were seen together today in Malibu. The alleged new couple was scene strolling along the beach while Charlie wore a beach appropriate outfit, and Bella wore thigh high boots.

Listen, I have no problem with women dating different men, especially in their twenties. Know who Bella is though? She is that girl on your Facebook newsfeed who gets a new boyfriend every week and claims to love them two weeks later, then posts things about how some men can’t handle a real woman after they break up.

I don’t even know what Bella Thorne does other than comment on Demi Lovato’s Instagram photos and date different guys. She went from Gregg Sulkin , to Tyler Posey, and now apparently Charlie Puth.

She ain’t got no type.

I would ask if you guys shipped it but this ship will sink before it even sets sail.

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Bella Thorne Shows Off New Hair On The 2016 AMAs Red Carpet

I personally love to use the term “a try hard”. It is my favorite term to use because it means exactly what it sounds like it means. It is someone who tries to hard, whether it’s trying too hard to stand out that you look ridiculous or trying too hard to fit in. It could really be whatever you want it to mean.

Let’s be real, Bella Thorne is the definition of a try hard. I don’t even know why she is famous or where she is from. I only know her from making out with her boyfriend or, well that’s it.

Now she shows up to the AMAs like this? No me gusta. It is seriously terrible.

Getty Images

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