Justin Bieber Cancels Remainder Of ‘Purpose’ Tour

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Out of nowhere Justin has decided to cancel the remaining dates of his ‘Purpose’ tour which included some stadium stops in the United States.

I mean, I am not trying to say anything but for him to abruptly cancel a tour like this? Something must have went down, although I don’t think that Bieber is on his way to rehab or anything like that.

The statement that was released said “due to unforeseen circumstances, Justin Bieber will cancel the remainder of the Purpose World Tour concerts. Justin loves his fans and hates to disappoint them. He thanks his fans for the incredible experience of the Purpose World Tour over last 18 months. He is grateful and honored to have shared that experience with his cast and crew for over 150 successful shows across six continents during this run. However, after careful consideration, he has decided he will not be performing any further dates. Tickets will be refunded at point of purchase.”

A lot of reports are saying that Bieber was simply over the tour and no longer wanted to perform.

End of the day, Bieber is over it, he doesn’t give a fuck about his fans or touring, he just wants the money and that’s that.

All of those 13 year-olds crying about it, grow up and realize that your pop star love sucks.

I know that was aggressive but get over it.

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Justin Bieber Walks Off Stage In Manchester After Crowd Boos Him!

Photo published for Justin Bieber storms off stage in Manchester after crowd booed him when he told them to stop...

Oh my god Justin Bieber, you’re the absolute worst. You are seriously the fucking worst. These fans pay to see you sing, not listen to your stoner rambling about life and trying to be philosophical. When you’re at concerts, you are supposed to scream and cheer and be in the moment. Sure, some artists talk to the crowd but nobody complains about screaming. Take that back, once at a concert I was at, Ed Sheeran asked the crowd to be quiet so he could sing a song about his grandfather who passed away. I could understand that.

Anyway, Justin Bieber hates his fans most of the time. He doesn’t want to take photos with them, he doesn’t want to have any meet and greets, and now he doesn’t want them to scream. He would like them to listen to his rambling.

Well, Manchester wasn’t having it tonight and they booed him off stage. Good for you Manchester, I am proud of you guys!

Honestly, I don’t know how Bieber even has fans. He doesn’t appreciate the support that they show. Beliebers are fucking insane too believe me, I have been in many Twitter battles with them. They are passionate and will defend Bieber to their grave. He doesn’t care though.

In my opinion, Bieber has some kind of God complex shit going on. It’s like Kanye. Nobody wants to hear you’re thoughts on life and everything else, they just want you to thank them for being there and perform.

How long until the next Bieber meltdown?

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Justin Bieber Claps Back At Selena Gomez

Instagram is on fire tonight! So far this is what has happened. Justin Bieber told his fans that he wanted to make his account private because they are haters, Selena Gomez and Madison Beer told Justin to be nice to his fans, now Justin has a little bit more to say. Everybody knows that Bieber needs to get the last word and can’t let anything go.

So even though Selena did comment on the photo, she quickly deleted the comment, it was there long enough for screenshots though, bless screenshots.

Anyway, here is how Bieber responded to Selena’s diss to him.

So now, Bieber used the term Belieber again and the Beliebers will forgive him.

I give it six hours before Justin posts a long text picture to Instagram explaining why he is upset, and why fans should feel bad for him.

Did Selena use Bieber though? I feel like that isn’t right. Maybe they used each other but I would say that it was a mutual use of their relationship. Justin was the one who couldn’t and wouldn’t stop talking about their relationship. He hinted at his heartbreak to sell records, I mean if I was to say who used who, I would say Bieber used Selena all the way.

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Selena Gomez Comments On Justin Bieber’s Instagram Defending His Fans!

Say what you will about Selena Gomez but one thing is for sure, she is really good to her fans. She has been known to really spend time with them at meet and greets, and also meets with about 40 fans after each and every show, fans that her team picks from the crowd. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

When I saw that Selena commented on Justin Beiber‘s Instagram where he kind of yelled at his fans, I literally said “Oh shit” because it’s about to go down. Justin is going to get real wild on social media soon, I can feel it!

Here’s what she had to say about the situation.

photo credit

“Don’t be mad at your fans”, that is true. She could have also said, don’t be mean when they try and take photos with you, don’t cancel meet and greets when fans have spent thousands to meet you. How much longer are his delusional fans going to be around?

A singer named Madison Beer, someone who I am not familiar with at all also went off on Justin in an epic rant.

photo credit

It’s nice to see that someone else could tell that his whole apology tour was simply an act.

How much longer does Bieber have? Let me know on the Twitter or Facebook link below!

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Justin Bieber Threatens To Make His Instagram Account Private

Justin Bieber is currently, most likely, not yet confirmed, dating Lionel Richie’s daughter Sofia Richie, and Beliebers aren’t happy about it. Obviously Beliebers are deranged to begin with but Justin has had it with the negative comments that have been posted on his Instagram account after seemingly becoming Instagram official with the 17 year old model.

Bieber is straight up fed up with his fans and told them that he would make his account private if they continued to be so hateful. I understand that, I can see where he is coming from. For once, I actually agree with Bieber, can you believe that? Maybe just tell them to not comment mean things, rather than trying to have some kind of abusive power over your fans. That may work better.

Instead of the Beliebers being understanding they started a hashtag on Twitter, because that’s what you do now. They started the #RIPBeliebers trend because Justin called them fans instead of Beliebers for the first time. How dare he?!

Also, I am about 90% sure he will put his account on private then post a long tweet about how he isn’t a zoo animal again. What do you think?

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Justin Bieber Is No Longer Taking Photos With Fans

Just yesterday Bieber was spotted strolling around the streets of Boston without shoes and today, today he has this to say. He is no longer taking photos with fans because people treat him like a zoo animal and take photos from afar. My only guess is that they do that simply because he isn’t approachable. I would probably take photos from afar too, Beiber is a loose cannon I don’t want to get screamed at just for asking for a picture, right?

I would also like to add that if you are going to walk around a very populated city without shoes you will most likely be filmed. Walking around a city without shoes is disgusting and even if Bieber wasn’t famous, he will be filmed for doing that filth.

I guess that there was two ways to look at this. No, celebrities don’t have to take photos with fans, especially aggressive ones. I understand that sometimes fans get too close and personal space isn’t something that they know much about. Then there is also a part of me that thinks, it is your job. If you sign up to be famous you will have fans who want to meet you. You will have fans that want to take photos with you, that simple, right?

Justin Bieber you’re a fucking asshole, there I said it. I know that Beliebers will say that he is only human and whatever else but he is a fucking dick. He doesn’t do meet and greets anymore and now he will not even take his time out to say hi to the people who made him who he is? That is low, even for Bieber.

For months I have been saying that he is going to have a Britney Spears like breakdown but honestly, he isj ust a piece of shit. Britney was dragged through the media, she was suffering from a mental disorder and nobody cared, as long as she sang and did what she needed to do. Britney’s story is much more tragic than Bieber. He is a diva of a human and I pray to god that Beliebers stop defending him.

Stop buying his music and let him ride the downfall that he has been on for the past few years.

Justin Bieber you are worth millions of dollars, I am sorry but I don’t pity you at all.

Beliebers open your eyes, Justin hates you guys.

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Justin Bieber Is Charging $2,000 A Fan For ‘Purpose’ Tour Meet And Greet

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Justin Bieber will hit the road for the first time in three years when he opens up his “Purpose” tour in Seattle on March 9, but for those who want to meet him in person, they will have a pay a hefty price and true Beliebers aren’t happy.
Bieber is providing two VIP ticket packages to fans that want to meet him before his concert.
The first package, called “The Ultimate #Purpose Experience,” cost $2,000 and the second, “The ‘I’ll Show You’ VIP #Purpose Experience,” is $925, each per person.The Ultimate #Purpose Experience gives fans a chance to snap a selfie with the singer backstage and a seat in a barricaded section closest to the stage. Ticket holders also get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour backstage and an official tour plaque.
The “I’ll Show You” Experience also offers a meet and greet with Bieber, but photos are taken in a group. Both packages include early entry into the venue, access to the pre-show hospitality lounge, a premium merchandise package and a digital download of the “Purpose” album.
Because of the steep pricing for the chance to meet their favorite performer, Beliebers are crying foul on social media, using the hashtag #justiceforbrokeliebers. (credit)

Holy shit, I feel bad for Beliebers everywhere. Tickets are expensive enough, can you imagine tacking on an extra grand. I guess with these packages it comes with tickets, but still. I feel bad for the parents of Bieber fans because you know those little crazy preteen girls will want to meet him.

Storytime, you ready? For Backstreet Boys comeback tour with New Kids On The Block I bought VIP tickets so I could finally meet them. If you have followed my blog at all you know that I am too big of a fan than is socially acceptable. Anyway, it was $600 for two VIP tickets, with that we got to hear a soundcheck, about four to five songs, have a question and answer with the guys, and then take single photos with them, rather than group photos. Now I know people will say, well they were cheap because they are no longer a big deal. Correction! The Backstreet Boys are still legends in their own right, and their VIP experience was great. No selfies unfortunately but still great.

Truthfully I am worried about people who spend this much money on Bieber then he doesn’t do his show in full. He has a pretty solid reputation when it comes to walking off stage because he is tired, or puking on stage. Either way it could happen and these poor fans are out thousands of dollars while he still rakes in the cash.

So for you Bieber fans, I am sorry your favorite singer is kind of a douche bag.

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Justin Bieber Storms Off Stage During Oslo Performance

Justin Bieber lost it Thursday, pitching a fit during his performance and storming offstage.

It went down in Oslo during a TV performance. One of his fans spilled something on the stage and Justin tried mopping it up but someone blocked him, and that was it.

It’s the second meltdown in 24 hours. On Wednesday, he walked off a radio show.

Bieber just posted a statement, saying he’s had a rough week with no sleep, adding, “I don’t always handle things the right way but I’m human and I’m working on getting beer at responding not reacting.”

As for “beer,” we think he meant “better.”

The Oslo fans haven’t given up … they’re still at the TV studio, serenading him with “Baby.” (credit)

I was wondering how long this Bieber good boy act would happen. I mean he has been on an apology tour for about a year, now he is releasing his first album in two years I believe, maybe three, so he wants everyone to still think of him as a nice, caring, but misunderstood person. He is just a boy growing up. I call bullshit. Bieber you are 21 now, time to grow up a little bit.

I want to say that Bieber was probably aware that if he wanted to go to the very edge of a stage when the Beliebers are nuts, he probably knew that people would try and grab him. If he really wanted it cleaned up, he should have sent someone else to do the job.

Look at his half ass apology too. Earlier in the week he hinted that he was the new Justin Timberlake, and let me just say one thing. Justin Timberlake would never walk off stage. Justin Bieber you have nothing on Timberlake, you have half the talent and zero class.

I feel bad for the fans that paid to see Bieber and he decided to storm off the stage.

To the people saying that these girls should have listened, shut up. These girls were so close to their idol of course they are going to reach up and grab at him. It is something he should be used to by now.

Bieber, this was very unprofessional.

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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Dropped A Surprise Single Called ‘Strong’

This move reminds me of when Rihanna and Chris Brown decided to drop a surprise single together. Alright, now from what I know about the Justin and Selena relationship there was no domestic violence, so it isn’t as shocking but it is a little bit right?

I genuinely wish that these two would just leave their relationship in the past. They need to do what JT and B.Spears did in the early 2000’s. The two of them broke up and basically never spoke about each other again. Selena has openly said that she wished people would stop associating her with Bieber, then they drop a duet. I mean, it is brilliant but stupid. If you want to stop being associated with each other, don’t do things like this, am I right?

The song isn’t bad but I hate when guys sing in their higher register for an entire song, I have always hated it. I hate it when Bieber does it when JT does it, I hate it when Usher would do it. Just isn’t my favorite thing in the world.

In reality this is a smart thing for Bieber to do since he wants his so called come back album to blow up and Selena is super hot right now. So why not release a song to get your fans back into believing in Jelena.

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Justin Bieber Doesn’t Care About His Hair Anymore! Check Out The New Look.

Remember when Justin Bieber used to care about his hair? He used to always be flipping his little kind bangs out of his eyes, then he cut it short like in the photo I posted above? He always wanted to have his hair look good, now I have come to the conclusion that Bieber doesn’t give a shit about his hair.

Today he showed up to the “Today Show” looking like this.

Screen shot 2015-09-10 at 10.49.52 AM.png

I mean he is smart because people are going to continue to talk about his haircuts like they used to back in the day, but what the fuck is this? Pardon my language but I am confused. I don’t understand this haircut at all.

In fact let me step back away from Bieber and his platinum blonde hair and ask a question to everyone. Why is platinum hair making a come back? Why do people think this is a good look. Let me tell you something Jared Leto, the entire Kardashian family, and Bieber it isn’t a good look. Stop trying to make platinum blonde happen it’s never going to happen.

Really though, what the hell is this haircut? He looks like Miley Cyrus. I used to not understand the comparisons but guess what, I see it now.

Justin Bieber is trying so hard to be Tilda Swinton.

Click here and tell me what you think about the hair, love it or loathe it?