Man Crush Monday: David Beckham

ImageI do believe that David Beckham is one of the all time sexiest men to ever be created. I don’t know anything else about soccer other than David Beckham play its. Should I say football for all my non-American readers, just to be more specific?

Look at this man though, he has a jawline that could break rocks, tattoos, muscles, a gorgeous smile. I could go on and on about why I am so in love with him, I really could. He is also and adorable father who clearly loves his kids more than anything in the world.

The only thing I don’t like is his wife because she seems so boring. Yeah Victoria, I am calling you out! Just kidding, I don’t want to make David mad at me.

Enjoy ladies and gays! David Beckham has won it this week just because he is beautiful, no other reason needed. His accent is kind of perfect too. I could watch you bend it all day Beckham.




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