Sienna Miller Has Officially Joined Instagram!

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Sometimes there is celebrity news that I know not many other people will be excited about but I still have to share it.

Sienna Miller is finally on Instagram!

For some reason I absolutely love Sienna Miller, I mean it’s probably because she is beautiful, stylish, and is a great actor. Can you even blame me?

Ever since Jude cheated on her, then she got back with him, only to break up with him again, I have always been rooting for her.

When she got praise for ‘American Sniper’ I was beyond thrilled.

Now she is on Instagram and she blames peer pressure for it.

So to whoever peer pressured Sienna into making a public Instagram, God bless you.

I would like to add that she does follow Jude Law’s children and ex-wife on the social media site.

Fucking Jude Law, am I right?

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Rita Ora Teams Up With Charli XCX & Raye On New Song “Girls”

Rita Ora is coming in hot with new music!

Last week she dropped her new single “Your Song” and it looks like she has a lot of new music to share!

Over the weekend at the BBC Radio 1 concert, Rita invited Charli and Raye up on stage to sing “Girls”.

If you want to kiss a girl Rita, I am right here, just sayin girl.

The more Rita the better.

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Allow Demi Lovato To Bless Your Day By Covering Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’

(bbc radio)

Just in case anyone forgot this girl can SING! Dear Lord Demi ¬†, you just took me to church! I mean ‘Cool For The Summer’ is a fun summer song and everything, she doesn’t display her vocals too much but holy guacamole Demi absolutely slayed this cover!

I personally love whenever Demi does covers. She is always so freaking good, her ‘Give Me Love’ cover gives me life!

Demi’s voice has matured so much and she absolutely killed it. The depth in her voice and the emotion that she put into the song is absolutely incredible.

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