The International “Baywatch” Trailer Shows Even More Action!

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Let me be clear, whether I think the movie looks good or not, one thing is for sure, I have to watch it. There is really no choice for me but to go out and see this movie. A movie that is full of Zac Efron  and Dwayne Johnson being shirtless? It would be rude of me not to go.

Honestly some of the effects in this movie look fucking awful but whatever. I like that it will have comedy and personally I think that Zac is great with comedy. Maybe people don’t agree but those people are wrong. He has great comedic timing.

Check out the trailer for yourself, I don’t totally hate what I see.

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The First Trailer For ‘Baywatch’ Is Everything It Should Be

Now what do you think of when you know that a movie starring Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson is coming out? Shirtless scenes, actions, and some comedy. Well that is exactly what this trailer showed.

Let’s be real, whether or not the movie looks good isn’t the question. I am still going to see it. A movie where two of the hottest guys in Hollywood are shirtless for most of it? Sign me up! Plus they seem to have a really strong female cast, another thing I can get behind. More Priyanka Chopra please.

I am surprised that Efron has steered in a more comedic direction, but I don’t hate it. He has pretty awesome comedic timing.

Also, the release date is May 19, 2017.

Are you excited for this movie?

Can’t lie, though the effects look pretty stupid.

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Do You Like Zac Efron’s New Hair Style?

Since filming Baywatch, Efron‘s hair has become lighter and lighter, along with becoming buffer and buffer. It is clearly for the role but I haven’t seen it this light until now.

Zac was out there being a great guy, telling kids why it is important to stay in school which I commend. His hair though, it really threw me off. Is it weird that I am kind of into it? I mean in reality Zac Efron can’t do much wrong with his looks.

Now I have to say that I grew up during peak boy band era. His hair kind of reminds me of Lance Bass’ hair, which let’s be real, was pretty legendary. Do I love it? No? Do I hate it? Oddly enough no.

I can’t wait until he goes back to his normal haircut, or at least gets those roots done but at the end of the day, Efron is a forever babe.

To be honest I would get rid of the leather pants before I got rid of the frosted tips.

Zac Efron Looks Insanely Buff On The ‘Baywatch’ Set

God bless the fact that they are making a movie where Zac Efron is shirtless 90% of the time, at least I am going to assume that he is. I can’t wait for those slow motion running down the beach scenes. Also thank you to TMZ for documenting this filming process.

To be honest, I don’t have super high hopes for this movie. Obviously it is going to be an action movie with hints of nostalgia but it doesn’t mean I won’t see it. Between Zac and Dwayne Johnson being shirtless a whole movie, I am absolutely down to see that happen.

Here are some more pictures of the glorious Zac Efron in all of his tanned, slightly blonde hair, shirtless glory!

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Zac Efron & A Kinkajou Walk Into A Bar

How much money would you pay to walk into a bar and see Zac Efron and a kinkajou? I am serious, if this was an event how much money would you pay? I would be down to pay a couple hundred, call me crazy but that seems like a really good investment to me.

TMZ posted this video and I am so excited about it, but I am also worried. If you remember Efron isn’t supposed to be drinking. Hey, no one said they saw him drinking though, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt, okay? I have faith in Zac.

I love that you can hear him saying he didn’t want his face in the video, just the kinkajou. Clearly he wasn’t thinking about all of the other people with camera phones but hey, it’s okay. Zac you are probably drinking non-alcohol O’Douls and living life, I got you.

In case you weren’t away he is currently in Florida filming the reboot of ‘Baywatch’ with Dwayne Johnson. Another thing I am very excited for.

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Zac Efron & Dwayne Johnson Have Started To Film ‘Baywatch’

This is going to be one of the hottest movies of all time, I don’t even care. Sure I wish Nina Dobrev ended up joining but Dwanye Johnson and Zac Efron are both in my top five. I don’t have a type obviously.

I can’t wait to see slow motion shots of Dwayne and Zac running down the beach. I also know that there will be a ton of photos shared from this set, so stay tuned with me and you will see them all! A ton of shirtless, sexy photos of Zac and Dwayne. My lawd!

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Zac Efron Posts Photo Of ‘Baywatch’ Training

God bless the fact that Zac Efron has taken over his social media accounts because his posts are just getting better. I am glad that Zac is taking his training seriously, I also hope that he takes more photos to prove that he is taking his training seriously.

Next Zac I would like a shirtless picture just so we can all know that his eight pack is staying nice and intact. Alright Zac? I need proof.

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Check Out Zac Efron Taking Swimming Lessons

As I said before if Zac Efron is shirtless there is a really good chance that I am going to write about it just so we can admire his perfect body. Can you blame me? There is currently a blizzard outside but these shirtless pictures of Zac sure no how to warm me up. Too much? Yeah that was too much.

Why is he taking these lessons? Apparently it is so he can train for the ‘Baywatch’ reboot that he and Dwayne Johnson are starring in! A movie that can not come soon enough if you ask me!

I hope there are more shirtless swimming lesson pictures to follow, let’s cross our fingers!

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Dwayne Johnson & Zac Efron Are Starring In A ‘Baywatch’ Movie Together!

So far they have given ltierally zero infromation about this movie other than the two male stars are going to be Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson. I believe that The Rock is producing it too, but that is it. Zac said there will be a lot of action and Dwayne said that we should wait until we see the females cast in the film. Truthfully I don’t give a damn about the females. Look at who the two males are.

Now, if you have followed my blog at all you know how I feel about both Dwanye Johnson and Zac Efron. In my opinion two of the hottest guys in Hollywood, best bodies too. I mean Dwayne with that smile, those muscles, and tattoos like don’t even get me started! Zac is just perfect, carved from stone to be the perfect looking man.

I personally didn’t even really get that excited for the Magic Mike movies, like I could take it or leave it. This movie though. This movie I will camp out overnight to see because I will tell you something, I will not be able to breathe. Between The Rock and The Efron, I may have heart failure.

Let me bless his post with some shirtless pictures of both men to prepare us for a movie that will be most likely 2 hours long, and most likely have these two men shirtless the whole time.

Hot damn, call the police and the fireman.

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