Wiz Khalifa Brings Adorable Son Sebastian To Teen Choice Awards

I don’t know about anyone else but I am strangely attracted to Wiz Khalifa and I think it is because I think he is a nice guy. Sure him and Amber had some words on social media but I just think he is a goofy stoner. Last night though he was a family man and brought his adorable son Sebastian to the Teen Choice Awards.

I will say that Sebastian, or Bash, as Wiz refers to him is one smooth looking two years old. Just crushing it in an all white outfit and nice, vans? Are those vans? I am going to say those might be vans. Wiz forgot his shirt but guess what, that’s cool!

This isn’t Bash’s first red carpet though, kid has already been to the Grammy’s! I am very jealous of this little kid.

Bash and Wiz crushing the red carpet, just a casual Sunday night for the family!

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