Zac Efron & A Kinkajou Walk Into A Bar

How much money would you pay to walk into a bar and see Zac Efron and a kinkajou? I am serious, if this was an event how much money would you pay? I would be down to pay a couple hundred, call me crazy but that seems like a really good investment to me.

TMZ posted this video and I am so excited about it, but I am also worried. If you remember Efron isn’t supposed to be drinking. Hey, no one said they saw him drinking though, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt, okay? I have faith in Zac.

I love that you can hear him saying he didn’t want his face in the video, just the kinkajou. Clearly he wasn’t thinking about all of the other people with camera phones but hey, it’s okay. Zac you are probably drinking non-alcohol O’Douls and living life, I got you.

In case you weren’t away he is currently in Florida filming the reboot of ‘Baywatch’ with Dwayne Johnson. Another thing I am very excited for.

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Justin Bieber Parties With P.Diddy But Without A Shirt



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Nothing is going to stop Justin Bieber from taking off his shirt and from getting crazy with some famous people! Nothing! If Bieber doesn’t want to wear a shirt, then he wont and he made that very clear. Bieber isn’t sad that his Valentine’s Day plans will be made at the court, he doesn’t give any fucks what so ever. He just wants to life live and be wild.

According to TMZ Bieber wasn’t drinking all night, he was just sipping on his water and being a good boy! Look at that! No underage drinking do the club can’t get into trouble either. No word on whether he was smoking some doobies though, no one knows about that!

Let’s take a closer look though. Look at the drink in Diddy’s hand, are you doing that? Good. Now look at the water bottle that Bieber is drinking out of, looks like the same kind of liquid right? Yeah, I am saying the same thing. So he could have been drinking out of his water bottle all night, but who says it was water at all?

Where id Bieber’s abs go too? That is a very valid question right? I mean he is probably drinking and eating his munchies so he is getting  a little bit of pudge. Maybe he realized everyone found he only weighed 140 so he is trying to get some weight on him? That is another thing we will never know. I guess he doesn’t care that people hate him for sending poor Selena Gomez to rehab, Bieber is just doing his thing.

Diddy looks annoying as fuck too right? Like just being drunk and screaming all over the place? Doesn’t seem like a good time to me!

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