Miley Cyrus Is Back With New Song & Video For “Malibu” – Listen Here!

Hey y’all, Miley Cyrus is back!

Although I absolutely loved her entire Bangerz album, this sound is great too. Somehow at age 24 Miley has already reinvented her sound more than most artists.

This song is a bit more tame than I expected but hey, I don’t hate it! In fact I think it is a rather sweet song that is definitely dedicated to Liam Hemsworth. The couple share a home in Malibu so I am guessing that it was a big inspiration for the song.

I will say that Miley has never looked better though! She is so gorgeous in this video.

What do you think of the song? Let me know!

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Miley Cyrus Is Too Cool For The Grammy’s

ImageMiley Cyrus doesn’t give any fucks about The Grammy Awards! That is something that she made very clear last night during the actual award show. If I was her, I would be bullshit if I put my heart and soul into the album ‘Fucking Bangerz’ and it didn’t get nominated I would lose my mind too! Fuck the organization and just go and play some fucking Guitar Hero. To be honest I didn’t even know people still played that game but now I know that everyone will be playing it again. Miley is a God damn trend setter!

Really though how didn’t ‘Wrecking Ball’ get nominated for at least single of the year? Everyone talked about the song and the music video for months. This was Miley Cyrus’ year and the critics just can’t handle it! They are haters, can’t handle how incredible Miley Cyrus is.

People can sit and hate about Miley and all that bullshit but 2014 is going to be the best year ever for Miley!

Miley Diddles Cyrus in Adore You video

ImageSo for anyone who has listened to Adore You it is a really lovely song and slow and nothing like any of the other songs on Bangerz. Apparently the music video is supposed to be a sex tape type feel which I am confused about. I mean is she supposed to be getting off and filming it while thinking about someone? I am just truly confused by it all.

Here is what I am sick of when it comes to new music videos, they all try and be artistic. Remember back in the day when it was all about dancing and shit? Yeah! I liked those days! This song is about love. Pretend like you are in love bitch! Sorry Miley, that was rude, I didn’t mean to cuss at you Queen Cyrus.

Anyway, I will watch this video the second it comes out then probably look away from it over and over again. I don’t understand her need to be naked lately, honey you are beautiful fully clothed, just so ya know!