The Taylor Swift & Katy Perry Feud Heats Up!

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Know what celebrity feud I am kind of sick of? Taylor and Katy. Know what feud I can’t get enough of? Taylor and Katy.

Somehow even though she hasn’t put out an album in over two years Taylor is still able to have people write songs about her and she is still in the news. In a way Taylor is a marketing genius and I refuse to hate her game. I also like to get drubk and cry to T.Swift songs, so sue to me.

Well last night something happened. You see, Katy was releasing her new album ‘Witness’ and Taylor made a big move. She decided to release all of her music back to Spotify and also discount all of her music on Itunes. Of course she said that it was all a coincidence but I mean, let’s be real. Tay and her team knew exactly what they were doing.

They wanted to put out Taylor’s music back on streaming sites and try and make a big enough wave that it would knock Katy off of her block.

As we all remember Taylor wrote “Bad Blood” about Katy and then Katy responded a few years later with the lame “Swish Swish”.

Tay is petty as hell for the move, I can’t deny that one.

At the end of the day I like Taylor way more than I have ever liked Katy. There’s no shame in Tay’s game and Katy is trying to act like this woke pop princess.

Now please give me a few minutes while I stream “All Too Well” and ugly cry.

Team Tay.

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Music Monday: “Know Your Name” – Mary Lambert

Usually with Music Monday I like to try and find people who haven’t been a part of huge hits, things like that. Mary Lambert was of course a part of “Same Love” by Macklemore, but she doesn’t get nearly enough credit for her own music.

This singer kind of reminds me of Hayley Williams, kind of reminds me of Kelly Clarkson, but she has her own vibe.

Not only do I love this song, I love the music video too. She even said that she basically made a queer “Bad Blood” music video, something that you have to love!

Great video, great song, great voice, everything about this is great.

This should be a summer anthem for sure!

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Katy Perry & Nicki Minaj Team Up For “Swish Swish”, Shading Taylor Swift

This is the kind of music that is played while you’re getting lost in Forever 21.

Word on the street is that this is a response to “Bad Blood” which Taylor Swift wrote about Katy Perry.

This is probably one of the weakest dis tracks I have ever heard. I mean if she thought this would be as popular as “Bad Blood” Katy is straight up delusional.

Unfortunately it is just another song that is going to struggle to climb the charts like Katy’s last two releases.

Listen below and let me know what you think about it.

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Can We Talk About Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Music Video?

Yes, I am aware that this video came out over a week ago and I am running a little bit behind on the whole thing. I get it, I get it. You all wanted Willi’s opinion and now you are going to get it!

Thank fucking God that they brought in Kendrick Lamar because he brought this song brand new life! This is easily one of the best remixes that I have ever heard in my life. All of the cameos? How perfect is this shit? I mean ugh, it really couldn’t be any better. I didn’t know some of the younger models but hey, that just means I am old. I can deal with that!

Band aids don’t fix bullet holes baby.