Nick Carter Arrested For Drunk Fighting


A wasted Nick Carter and his equally drunk friend got beat up by bar staff at a bar in Florida Wednesday night before getting arrested … with Nick allegedly trying to choke a bouncer … TMZ has learned.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, bar staff told cops Carter and his pal Michael Papayans were HAMMERED when they arrived to the bar before 7 PM.

Bar workers say they REFUSED to serve the guys — and then kicked ’em out when they became angry with the bartenders. That’s when things got violent. (credit)

For the past couple years Nick has been preaching about how he has remained sober and all of that nonsense, looks like he is off the wagon.

According to other reports apparently Nick thought that the bouncers were too rough for him and used the whole “Do you know who I am” line. No Nick, not many people know who you are anymore.Well they probably know, they just don’t care. It isn’t 1999 anymore.

Maybe people were just playing games with his heart though and he didn’t want it that.

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Nick Carter & Lauren Kitt Are Expecting A Backstreet Baby!

Looks like Nick Carter is living the life right now! I mean he is clean, sober, looking hotter than ever dancing around on ‘Dancing With The Stars’, now he is going to be a father! Good for him!

I must admit I wish the absolute best for this couple! Nick has really grown into himself and Lauren is a babe, so it works, right?

Congrats to these two and maybe they can have a boy then all of the BSB members can force their children to form a band. I mean AJ is the only one with a daughter so maybe she can be their choreographer or something. Sorry am I getting creepy? I’ll stop.

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Brian Littrell Posts Selfie Proving He Is Still A Babe

I can’t even lie this is probably one of the most pointless posts I have ever written but I don’t really care. I was just minding my own business last night where out of nowhere Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys decides to post an absolutely stunning selfie! I mean I was just scrolling through Facebook and bam there it was!

My god, Brian just gets better with age. I swear I have loved him since I was only 7 years old, here I am 14 years later still loving him. Honestly I just love the Backstreet Boys, I have seen them 8 times in concert and I have paid to meet them once. Clearly I have no self control when it comes to the boys.

Brian, keep doing whatever you are doing because you look incredible. Blue eyes, stubble, and that jawline, can’t go wrong there.

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Watch Nick Carter Pay Tribute To The Backstreet Boys On Dancing With The Stars!

Sharna Burgess Nick Carter, Dancing with the Stars

So much good Backstreet Boys news today! I mean between Nick Carter paying tribute to the band last night and Aj releasing a solo song it’s been a great day! An absolutely perfect day for a life long Backstreet Boy fan.

Alright, time to get out of my little haze of happiness and report for you good people!

I mean I don’t even think it is fair that Nick dances to a BSB song because how can anyone top that? Just kidding, Bindi Irwin did but that is neither here nor there! Nick Carter is bringing back the Backstreet Boys in a big way I can’t wait! Maybe they can make a huge comeback and then I won’t be the only one to really appreciate the music of the Gods.

I love the opening too. If you watched the Backstreet Boys documentary, which I truly reccommend, you know that Nick’s life wasn’t that perfect. Well until he joined the most successful boyband of all time. Still though, he gets all emotional and it is adorable.

Check it out below!

Also look who was there to support Nick in the crowd last night.

What a weird time to be alive. Just O-Town, Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees, Joey Fatone of *NSYNC, and my boy AJ from BSB hanging out supporting Nick Carter. I love it.

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Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean Releases Solo Song “Live Together”!

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Alright, if you have followed my blog at all you know how much I love the Backstreet Boys and how they can do no wrong. I am serious. I have bought every single album and I have seen them live 8 times. If you ever want to talk about the Backstreet Boys tweet me @willikilliams.

Anyway back on the subject! The resident former badboy turned adorable father AJ McLean released a solo song called “Live Together” and I am a fan. I like it. I like it a lot. Let’s be real AJ’s voice is insanely good and I love the message of the song and video.

I love this song, I think that AJ is incredible. Truthfully anything that any members of the Backstreet Boys do, I will support. I mean a bought a Christian record for Brian, so clearly I will do just about anything for them.

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Justin Bieber Channels Nick Carter With New Hairstyle

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I can’t even lie when I first saw this photo I thought that it was actually a young photo of Nick Carter, Bieber kind of looks exactly like him. I know that he posted this because he was hanging out with his new bestie Ruby Rose, but I don’t care about that. I do believe that the Ruby Rose hype will wear off soon, this hair style though? This is straight up 90’s pop fire!

Justin I see you trying to get me to like you more by channeling one of the biggest heartthrobs of the 90’s, not going to work!

Anyway, I see why he is always wearing a hat nowadays, unless he is going to bring back the Bieber bowl cut.

Now the real question, who pulled off this hair style better? Bieber or Nick?

Happy 40th Birthday Brian Littrell!

Happy birthday to my favorite boy band member of all time!

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you think, wow I am getting old? Now, I am only 23 but know how old Brian Littrell was when I first started to have my crush on him? He was only 23 years old, now he is 40 and still a fox. I mean that jawline was carved from the finest stone, his blue eyes, amazing singing voice. I just love him, don’t even feel weird saying that. Even with his hair thinning, I really don’t care.

People can hate on the Backstreet Boys, they can say that they are nothing but old guys who are holding onto a dream but you know what? The Backstreet Boys could out dance and out sing any boy band that is out there right now. Yeah, I said it!

Back to the man of the hour though, Brian. Happy birthday to you sir, you deserve all of the love you get. After watching ‘Show Em What You’re Made Of’ I have to say that I only gained more respect for him and the rest of the band.

Let’s take a look at B-Rok over the years!

Movie Review: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, The Backstreet Boys Documentary

So I will be first to say when it comes to this subject I am extremely bias. I love the Backstreet boys and I have since I was about five years of age. Since then they just bring back a feeling of nostalgia and happiness that I can’t explain. I have seen them eight times in concert, I have met them once, I guess you could call me a mega fan, fan girl, whatever. Below there are some spoilers in the documentary, things that I wasn’t aware of so if you don’t want them ruined, don’t scroll!

The moment that I got the notification that this documentary was downloading onto my Itunes I started to watch it, I didn’t even wait for it to fully load. That is how excited I have been for this to come out. They had talked about it for so long and the date kept getting pushed back, but right when it was released, I watched it! Truthfully I expected something about their rise to fame, I didn’t expect them to be so raw and real, but that was exactly what it was.

As the film starts they go and visit Kevin’s hometown and then Brian’s hometown since they didn’t live far from each other. Even though they have been a band for the past twenty years they had never done this, so why not do it in front of the cameras. It is really interesting to see the boys, well men now I guess, and how they act when they aren’t on stage. Sure they may have been putting on a bit since there was a camera but the emotions seemed so raw and real. When Kevin talks about his father passing away and he breaks down, when Brian explains that he has vocal problems he breaks down. Truthfully there was a lot more crying in the movie than I expected.

There are a few pivotal moments in this movie that I didn’t know happened.

-Howie D was the original lead singer when the band first started, but after Max Martin got a hold of them, it became Brian, Nick, and AJ. Howie only agreed to this final album if he could have more singing than the last albums.

-Nick holds animosity towards Brian because Brian has been the lead singer. There is a huge fight between the two of them, I highly recommend you at least watch that part.

-Brian has vocal chord issues and there is really no cure, his voice comes and goes. This is another big thing that the documentary follows during the hour and a half it runs.

-AJ opens up about his addiction and how he was behaving during the Black and Blue tour.

– Lou Pearlman stole a TON of money from them.

It was honestly a movie that made me love the group even more. As I previously stated the raw emotions that are shown through out the movie are incredible. Watching this band go from basically on top of the world, to not even having a record deal was very interesting. See I knew that they had been dropped but I didn’t realize this last album was basically done being an independent band.

I would rate this movie a five out of five. Being a fan of theirs I am proud that they let their fans get a glimpse into their come up and even their falls after the 2000’s.

Brian Littrell Posts Selfie Supporting Kansas City Royals!

Let me be honest, I don’t care about the World Series or whatever, I posted this picture because BRok looks damn fine with that hat and beard. Yup, I don’t even feel weird saying about that. Brian has been my number one celebrity crush for years and guess what, it isn’t changing!

If he is rooting for Kansas City then I am rooting for them too! We can be royals together Brian, it will be cute.

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Nick Carter Gets Hitched Over The Weekend!

ImageYou know that you are getting older when the heartthrobs from your childhood are getting married. First Justin Timberlake got married and now Nick Carter, the two ultimate hotties of the later half of the 90’s. On April 12th Nick got married to fitness trainer Lauren Kitt in Florida. Guess who else were at this wedding? THE BACKSTREET BOYS!  Yup, Aj, Howie, and Brian were all in attendance and AJ’s daughter was even the flower girl.

Let’s give some congrats to Nick since he turned his entire life around. Not even ten years ago he was all about partying, drugs, and fucking Paris Hilton. He grew out of it though so there is hope for everyone!

I am also glad that Nick finally grew up because DAMN he is looking better with age!