Farrah Abraham’s Blow Up Dolls Is Terrifying

I think I dislike this woman more than I have ever disliked any other celebrity ever. I don’t think that it even counts to call her a celebrity though. I mean there was Tila Tequila who became a Nazi lover, so she is obviously up there but when she was relevant she was super annoying, not this bad. Heidi and Spencer? Really fucking annoying, but again not this bad. Farrah is really one of the worst people on this planet, I do believe that.

After I had found out about her baby daddy dying literally like two weeks before her child Sophia was born, I felt bad for her. As the show progressed I thought that she was actually attempting to be a good mom and I supported her. In the words of Tyra Banks. I was rooting for you, we all were rooting for you! After the show ended though, things started to happen. She released a book basically saying that Sophia was her best mistake, nice in a horrible way? Then she catapulted to being a hot ass mess when she did her own sextape, no a porno. A sextape is with someone you are dating and then it kind of gets into the wrong hands. A porno is when you have sex with a porn star, which was exactly what she did. ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’ I still have nightmares. Yes, I checked it out, I had to, it was weird, I got three minutes in then had to shut it off.

Wow, that was a pretty serious rant. I do think it is hilarious that she was on ‘Couples Therapy’ by herself, what a crazy bitch. She wasn’t even asked to be on the new season of Teen Mom either, they were like, no we are all set you’re a crazy ass bitch. .

This blow up doll is easily one of the most disgusting things that I have ever seen in my life. Anyone who would want their dick inside of a fake blow up doll to begin with is pretty weird in my opinion. Having one with Farrah’s face on it though? That is just taking it too far.

I thought this bitch would be done after she fucked up her own lips, clearly she has a lot going on in her head and plans of torturing us for however long.

I can only hope that her dad Michael had baby Sophia because we all know Farrah is a fucking mess.