Paul Wesley & Phoebe Tonkin Are Back Together

We can all now take a breath of relief knowing that Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin are back together.

These two love birds broke up for a few months after being together for four years, but it looks like they are back together.

Over the past two or so months they have been spotted in California together, London, and now New York.

This CW made love is still going strong!

Really though, they look ridiculously good next to each other.

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Kylie Jenner & Tyga Are Back Together


Well it looks like America’s least favorite couple is back together. I am very surprised that Kris Jenner even allows this relationship to continue. We all know that she pulls all the strings behind the scenes of the Kardashian/Jenner family. 

Kylie and Tyga, they just aren’t a good look. They started dating when she was 16 or some shit, yes she is legal now but it is still weird. Plus he was spotted out with one of her look a likes and I am also almost positive that he is broke. I am sure that having her show up at clubs with him brings in some money, so it makes sense. 

Oh and let us not forget the fact that Rob Kardashi, who is Kylie’s older brother is having a child with Blac Chyna, Tyga’s baby momma. The weirdest love mess I have ever heard of, that’s for sure. 

Kylie, I don’t like your whole like persona but you can do better than Tyga, remember that. 

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Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus Do Lunch

Earlier this year it was said that Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus were back on. A lot of peopel didn’t believe it because they have been so quiet about their relationship. Miley has been proudly wearing her engagement ring again but there have been virtually zero sightings of the two of them, until now.

In this images from the couple apparently had a nice lunch with Liam’s older brother Chris!

Personally I am all about these two getting back together, you can’t even imagine how excited I am about it! Miley is a talented singer and Liam is beyond hot, so they are just a match made in weird heaven. Yes, Miley went through her weird stage but I am going to guess that is over since she is back with Liam.

Let’s see if these two stand the test of time! I hope these two crazy kids make it work!

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Are ‘Jersey Shore’s’ Ronnie & Sammi Back Together?

I never realized how badly I needed this couple back together until this very moment. In case you lived under a rock from 2009-2012, Ronnie and Sammi were on the absolute hit show ‘Jersey Shore’. Their rocky relationship played out on the small screen every Thursday night for the world to watch and wonder, would Sammi cry over Ron this episode. Just so you know, the answer was almost always yes.

These two apparently broke up somewhere at the start of 2015, they have both maintained a very low profile since ‘Jersey Shore’ ended. Unlike their other costars neither of them joined another reality show or anything. They both made appearences on ‘Snooki & JWoww’ but that’s about it.

Why do I think they are back on you ask? Well Sammi posted a picture from her birthday part over the weekend and look who is sitting right next to her. RAHN!
Maybe now that both of these guys are pushing 30 they have finally decided to grow up a little bit and stop fighting.

Seriously though, they were both abusive towards each other and I can only pray that they were able to grow up from that time in their life.

Thank you two for bringing, “Ron Ron juice”, “Rahn stop”, and the term “smushed” into our lives. Not really, but it was all entertainment to us.

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Are Reportedly Engaged Again

According to People magazine the recently reunited couple Liam and Miley, are now engaged again. As I reported earlier the couple recently moved back in together and Miley has been spotted wearing her engagement ring that she received back in 2012.

Let’s be real, true love prevails! That is all I have to say about that! Miley and Liam met when they were so young and got engaged, then Miley went crazy then they broke up. That is the actual timeline of their relationship.

Where are they are now though? They are staying out of the spotlight with their relationship. Want to know the most important part of this whole thing? Miley is growing her hair back out, which means that she is happy. I assume that her hairstyles deal with how happy she is in her life. When her and Liam had issues she got a wild ass haircut and now that her and Liam are okay again, her hair is growing back out.

Congrats to the happy couple and I hope that they go through with the marriage and shut up every hater out there. Wouldn’t that be insane? I think it would be.

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Is Miley Cyrus Moving In With Liam Hemsworth?

It looks like Miley and Liam are seriously back on according to TMZ! Over the weekend Miley packed up her UHaul and made way down to Malibu to move things into her former fiancee’s Malibu pad. According to their sources it took her about a week to move everything into Liam’s place and that was just the last of her things.

Miley was also spotted wearing her engagement ring again, which can only mean one thing, right? They have to be engaged again, possibly engaged? I really have no idea but I am so excited for these two to get back together.

The two had a very public and messy break up but in multiple interviews Liam said that he and Miley remained close. Of course I personally thought that was just something to say to make himself look good, but maybe it was true. They just needed some time apart to short things out and now they are back together.

Here’s to hoping these two lovebirds can make it work again!

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Are Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Back Together?

The couple reportedly reunited down under.

Over the weekend Miley and Liam were spotted in Australia ringing in the New Year together. According to reports they were drinking, cuddling, and even kissing. They weren’t even hiding the fact that they were together!

Of course they could just be tapping an old keg but her flying all the way to Australia to start a new year with a former fiancee, I would say that is a big deal. Right? The two of them had a very public break up, Liam was spotted basically cheating on Miley, which wasn’t cool, but maybe it is time to try again? They have always said that they talk to each other, stayed friends, but I never believed that for a second. There is no way you can be just friends with an ex, if you can, tell me how.

Fans spotted these two though and now it looks like there is a good chance that they are back together.

According to People neither camp has commented on the rumors, and they probably wont. Miley will probably just post a weird cat picture on Instagram with a hashtag #LetMeLive or some shit like that.

Here are some of the photos of the former couple over the past few days!

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

I told you guys that she was growing her hair back out!

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Justin and Selena are back on!

ImageI was just wondering who called that these two would end up back together when Selena announced her break and Justin announced his break. I did! I swear, I know more about celebrity couples than celebrities know! I mean look at these two just scootering about Justin’s neighborhood, probably after smoking a doobie or two. Alright, Justin probably smoked some, Selena probably judged him.

Honestly what is Selena thinking right now though? This is not a good look for you girl! Justin has been going down a free fall and you aren’t. Keep it that way. Bieber got filmed by a damn Brazilian prostitute, learn from it girl! You don’t want to be with that. Justin is a want to be bad boy, which is worse than an actual bad boy. Bad boy’s do shit and just say whatever. Justin looks to do things that made him look tough.

Selena I was starting to like you, when you said you made Justin cry was one of my favorite things ever. Now you are back scootering with him. Not a good look girl. Happy 2014 Beliebers because your master is back with his ex who makes fun of him.

Selena get ready for those crazy Belieber death threats!