Shania Twain Will Receive Artist of a Lifetime Honor at 2016 CMT Artists of the Year

Shania Twain CMT Artist of a Lifetime 2016Getty Images

This upcoming weekend at CMT’s Artists of the Year ceremony, Shania Twain will be receiving one of the biggest honors, Artist of a Lifetime.

Shania will be the first woman to receive this award but will be joining the ranks of artists like Kenny Rogers and Merle Haggard, respectively. CMT reportedly decided to give Shania this award because of her incredible impact in country music.

Let’s be real though, Shania was one of the first to close the gap with country and mainstream, at least that is how I feel. She was the first country artist that I even knew about because they weren’t usually on TRL. She has sold over 75 million albums sold worldwide and has also won 5 Grammy’s along with other awards.

The 2016 CMT Artists of the Year ceremony will take place at Music City’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center on Oct. 20 at 9PM

Get it girl! Oh and another fun fact, her album Come Over, that was released in 1997 is still the best selling country album of all time.

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Rihanna Will Receive The MTV Video Vanguard Award

MTV has announced that at this years VMA awards, Rihanna will be receiving the Video Vanguard award! She is being honored for her obvious chart topping hits, she has also won video of the year award for “Umbrella” in 2007, and “We Found Love” in 2012.

It is almost like MTV forgot about the award because it was originally given to Michael Jackson in 1991 due to his success in film, media, and music. The awards didn’t end up giving the award back out until 2013 when they gave the award to Justin Timberlake followed by Beyonce, and then of course Kanye last year when announced he was running for president.

Let’s be real, Rihanna absolutely deserves this award. Love her or hate her every song she touches turns into a smash hit.

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Taylor Swift Accepts Middle Finger NME Award

taylor swift

Now I don’t know what the NME Awards are, but I want one. I would like to know how I would receive one. Having a giant middle finger statue sounds like a real conversation starter.

Check out Taylor’s hilarious acceptance speech here!

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Rita Ora Strips Zac Efron At The MTV Movie Awards


God bless Rita Ora! That is how so many people are feeling right now after Zac Efron won for best shirtless scene. For those of you who don’t know Zac promised that if he was to win the award, he would accept it shirtless. That had to be why he won, right? I mean who would ever put him over Chris Hemsworth, people wanted to see Zac shirtless!

So when Zac went up there he got all shy and went back on his promise. He wasn’t going to take his shirt off so Rita decided to give the crowd what we all wanted. She ripped off Efron’s shirt and the whole world gasped at the same time. Look at how perfect this man is, look at that body. I think he needs to bulk up but then again I think he is perfect. Greek God status right there!

Thank you Rita Ora because we all know Zac wouldn’t actually accept it shirtless. Thank you for ripping that shit right off of his body. You are one of my new favorite people!