‘Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates’ Red Band Trailer Has Been Released!

Red Band trailers are the best!

So I have been pretty on the fence about this movie. I mean I would totally marry Mike and Dave so that would be really awesome, something I can think about while I watch the movie. The first trailer, I wasn’t a huge fan of and I have said that I needed to see more footage of the movie. That is what I need and here we are, we finally have it.

I laughed a few times during it, which is really all I need for me to decide that I am going to see it, that simple.

Although I do feel like I watched the entire movie in the trailer I will still watch it. I also feel like I know exactly what is going to happen and they will all fall in love at the end, I will still watch it.

There you have it, put Adam, Zac, Anna, and Aubrey in a movie and you can have my $11.

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Watch The Trailer For ‘Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates’

To be totally honest the trailer makes this movie look absolutely awful. It doesn’t look that funny, it probably has funny parts but that is about it. This cast is so good though, so it has to be funny, right? I mean Efron is trying really hard to get into the comedy route and so far in my opinion he has done really well with it. Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza are both legends and will probably play off of each other really well. Adam Devine is hilarious too, so the cast has a lot of potential.

So I have to wait for more trailers before I make my full decision but in reality, either way I will see this movie. Zac Efron is the love of my life plus Anna and Aubrey are both hysterical.

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Check Out The First Trailer For “Dirty Grandpa” Starring Zac Efron & Robert De Niro!

Yes, I am ready for this movie, I have been ready for this movie since I first heart about it. Let’s be real, Zac Efron is actually pretty funny and De Niro, well he is just a legend. There is no question about that one.

Let’s talk about the line up supporting cast too we have the hilarious Aubrey Plaza and the beautiful Julianne Hough, and that is about it I think. So no matter what male or female there will be some serious eye candy.

Anyway check out the trailer below and let me know what you think here or here!