Is North West The Coolest Celebrity Kid Ever?

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So back when Kim was pregnant with North West I was preparing myself for another Suri Cruise fiasco that happened back in the day. Now it wasn’t Suri’s fault that she had a bad rap, people just didn’t like her father. Now for North West she has it on both sides, there are many people that are haters when it comes to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Honestly, I am not a fan of either of them. I think that Kanye makes incredible music but his personality needs a little bit of work, and Kim well, just admit you became a business woman by leaking your own sex tape.

Recently little North West has been spotted all around Paris at different fashion shows looking fly as hell so I googled North West because I was curious how many appearances she has done in her solid, what? Six months of living? Maybe she is like a year? I really don’t know. I did realize something though. Home girl is cool as hell. She wears awesome outfits and she is always mean mugging the paparazzi. Her little attitude has made her a quick favorite of mine in the baby celebrity category. I mean Kingston Rossdale is cool and all but North is just dripping in attitude at one, so she wins.

To prove how awesome she is, here as some of the best pictures of her being 100 percent done with the paparazzi. Probably just wanting a nap, some food, and maybe some nursery raps from her dad.

“Mom who the fuck are these guys?”

“What the fuck mom, let me live my life! Fuck shoes!”

“You! Outta my way peasant!”

“Fuck you say?’

Just a few of my favorite pictures of North West shooting some attitude towards some paparazzi. North you are going to run the world, I know it. One day it’ll be between you and Blue Ivy, like how it used to be Kim against Paris. You will come out the winner. Money is on North for the crown for sure!

Blue did have some bad ass dance moves at the VMAs though so it’s tough to truly judge, give it another year and I will let you know