Machine Gun Kelly Releases “At My Best” Video With Hailee Steinfeld

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Here is the part where I usually go into a rant about how much I love Machine Gun Kelly and how I am so happy he is finally getting the credit he deserves. All of those things are still true but I have to give Hailee Steinfeld a shout out.

She went from being a super serious child actress to singer, and she looks really good! The glow up is real with that one!

I prefer this to “Bad Things” and I won’t apologize about it!

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Machine Gun Kelly Sings “At My Best” With His Daughter

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If you’re a Machine Gun Kelly fan you probably know that he loves his daughter very much. He has rapped about her, he posts photos with her, and he talks about her pretty often. Her name is Casie and she is nine-years-old now.

MGK even had Casie in a few of his music videos, and has always been there on her first day of school. He is definitely a doting father to the young girl.

Last night on his Instagram he posted an adorable video of he and his daughter singing to his latest song “At My Best” which will probably be another hit.

MGK is on fire right now and I genuinely believe that this will be his biggest year ever.

Check out the adorable video below!

After watching this video MGK is even hotter than before, right?

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Listen to Machine Gun Kelly’s New Song “At My Best” Ft Hailee Steinfeld

This song is going to be a hit. It is that simple.

Machine Gun Kelly has finally made a name for himself after all of these years. I am sure that some people will say that he sold out and there is a part of me that will say that I agree but, he has done songs like these in the past.

I do miss his fast flow, if you listen to really any of his other songs, they are insanely fast. This is just a little too slow for MGK in my opinion.

It doesn’t matter though because right now is MGK’s moment and he knows exactly what he is doing.

Hailee killed it on the chorus too! Can’t forget to give her some props!

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