Demi Lovato to Replace Ariana Grande at MLB All-Star Game Concert

Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande

I personally am not a huge fan of Ariana Grande, I think that she is a little diva and she is too new to be a diva. If I heard that Demi was a diva, I would be okay with that. Demi has put in some serious work and she has an incredible voice. Ariana kind of needs to work for it a little bit more. Plus all that she does is duets. Have an album full of songs featuring only you, that is all I ask.

Alright, now to the topic of the story, Ariana was originally supposed to sing the National Anthem at the MLB All-Star game but pulled out at the last minute. Her people say that it is because she is getting her wisdom teeth out, but she was recently caught on camera making fun of how fat America is. This is kind of like when she was caught on camera saying she hated her fans or something. You can’t be singing for America’s favorite sport, then start bashing fat Americans. It just isn’t right.

So Demi swooped in and saved the say because she could out sing Ariana any day.

The end.

Big Sean & Ariana Grande Have Broken Up After 8 Months

Big Sean and Ariana Grande perform at A Very GRAMMY Christmas in 2014.

“They both deeply care for each other and remain close friends,” their reps tell Us in a joint statement. “We kindly ask that the media respect their wish for privacy regarding this personal matter at this time.”
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Is there anything more annoying than one of these stupid joint statements after a break up? You two were together for eight months, that is it. You two weren’t married, you were dating. Sure you had cute pictures and were all over each other on the red carpet, but it was still just dating. Not even dating for a year! Shut the fuck up with this joint statement. We kindly ask that you respect their privacy, sure. Know what would have made people respect their privacy? Not announcing a fucking joint statement of a break up.

I think that we all knew this relationship was all about publicity. Ariana Grande is always singing on all those R&B  tracks that she says are her own, but she doesn’t have one song that isn’t featuring someone. Big Sean had just broken up with Naya Rivera and well, he started dating one of the hottest up and coming stars. I see you two, don’t try and fool me.

Bieber is swooping in for the kill as I type this.

The Grammy’s 2015 Worst Dressed Women List!

I said it in a previous post when I was listing the best dressed women ( I don’t know much about fashion. I am not one of those girls who knows the names of all the designers, I don’t know what colors are in, I don’t know any of that! I do know what I like to look at though and what is displeasing to my own eye. My opinion is that you don’t need to be an expert to know when someone is wearing something you don’t like.

Let’s get going with the worst dressed!

5. Ariana Grande

 I don’t hate this dress, I just hate how she is wearing it if that makes any sense. I feel like if it was someone who had a fuller figure, then it would look incredible! The little silver fabric throws me off though. Is that a thing? Is this in style? Also Ariana, let your hair fall free, let it breath, that high ass ponytail is getting a little bit old.

4. Kim Kardashian

No surprise here that Kanye West was her stylist for this show. He never puts her in anything that is really fitted well to her body. This dress is basically like the J.Lo Grammy dress except instead of it being green and see through, it is gold and looks heavy as hell. I hate this dress, I think it is extremely unflattering, like we get it Kim you have boobs, and we can almost see your hoo-ha. If you covered up fully, that would be a real red carpet shocker.

3. Charli XCX

I feel like if she is trying to be edgy it isn’t working. I do like her little jelly shoes that have heels on them though, those are high class fashion. Charli, you are lucky that there are a few worse than you or else you’d be straight to the top for worst dressed of the night!

2. Madonna

Well Madonna is going to be Madonna. I didn’t expect her to dress up in anything nice. This is just one of the worst of the night. She did look killer on stage though, so she kind of made up for it! Go back to wearing suits Madonna,

1. Rihanna

Listen, I love Rihanna a lot more than people understand. I love her singing, I love all of that. This dress though? What in the hell was she thinking. Rihanna usually kills it on the red carpet too which is why I am so confused! I think they sell her dress at Bath and Body Works if you are interested though. This is just all kinds of no.

Well Looks Like Big Sean & Ariana Grande Are Officially An Item!

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Well looks like Ariana made sure to get her left side in this photo of her kissing Big Sean that was taken over the weekend at Disney. Was it Disney World or Disney Land? I have no idea and I won’t look into it because I simply do not care. There are so many people who love Ariana Grande and I am so not one of those people, at all. I think that she is annoying and everything that she does is for publicity. Let’s be real, her and Big Sean have a song together, so they are dating. She did a song with that dude from The Wanted and they dated for a little bit too.

This couple is kind of weird though, right? I mean Big Sean is a bad ass rapper and all but I didn’t expecting him to go from crazy ass Naya Rivera to bitch ass Ariana Grande. Looks like he has a type, let’s call it diva too early syndrome.

Can’t wait for this publicity stunt to be over though.

Update On Nudegate 2014! What The Celebrities Have Said About The Leaked Images!

Apple Investigating iCloud Link to Celebrity Nude Photo Scandal

Alrighty so it has been about 24 hours since the biggest celebrity nude leaked photo scandal of all time happened. Now I put it that way because of the number of celebrities that were involved in this massive hack. In these 24 hours there have been many different reports about where the pictures came from, if they are real, and all of that other nonsense. Still I won’t be posted these photos simply because I feel like if you really want to see them, you can Google them easy enough. Plus even though I love exposing the stars, I feel as though this was a major invasion of privacy.

So in these past 24 hours a few celebrities have come out to talk about the photos that were leaked, to either confirm or deny that they are real.

Victoria Justice- Victoria has come out to tweet that these photos are in fact photoshopped, and they are not her. Simple enough and a way to really stick your neck out.

Jennifer Lawrence- Most people are aware that Jennifer’s rep has come out to explain that this was an extreme invasion of privacy, and if anyone posts them, they will be dealing with legal issues.

Kirsten Dunst- Dunst really did a great job dealing with this issue, she just tweeted how much she hated Icloud so most people could put two and two together. She didn’t deny the photos at all.

Ariana Grande- Ariana went and tweeted that these photos are fake, her ass apparently looks better than the ones in the alleged leaked photos.

Kate Upton- Kate’s rep has said that the photos are in fact real and she will also be taking legal action in order to find out who invaded her privacy.

Becca Tobin- Most people don’t know who this is but she was on the past two seasons of ‘Glee’ and she embraced the nude photos with a hilarious tweet simply saying “Merry Xmas!”, absolutely hilarious, I like her style.

Melissa Benoist- Another ‘Glee’ actress didn’t deny the photos but gave flack to bloggers that were just looking for more views. (It’s like she is speaking directly at me, love it!)

So there you have it! Those are the celebrities that have come out to talk about the recent hacking of 2014. I do have one question though about both Justice and Grande taking to Twitter to deny the photos while everyone else said they were real. I mean if all the others are real, why would someone lie about those two? Sure Ariana is absolutely huge in the music world at the moment but Victoria Justice? Why would someone lie about having nudes of her. That is something I don’t understand at all. Maybe they should have all had a pow wow before they spoke about whether the photos were real or not.

Also I read that the FBI was going to get involved, this is some top notch stuff. Hacker, they are going to find you and lay down the law. You though, you have happiness to a lot of lonely men trolling the internet.

Dozens Of A-List Female Celebrities Have Photos Leaked! Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and more!

Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, & More Celebs Fall Victim to Nude Photo Leak After Alleged Massive Phone Hack

Photo credit: Just Jared

So today was basically the apocalypse of celebrity nudes being leaked all over the internet. Some how some dude hacked into a bunch of A list celebrities phones and got a ton of nude pictures. That is something that I will never understand. How does someone even do that, it is probably really easy if you understand it, but back to the subject. Some of the celebrities involved in this alleged hack, are Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Kirsten Dunst, McKayla Maroney, Hope Solo, Victoria Justice, and many other singers and actresses.

A few of them have already come out to make a statement about these photos that were leaked. Victoria Justice took to twitter to let the whole Twittersphere know that the photos aren’t real and she wanted to come clean about it.

Jennifer Lawrence’s rep also said that the photos were an invasion of privacy and anyone who posts them will be sued, so I won’t be posting any of them.

Honestly if you want to find the pictures you can just google them and they will pop up. I do feel sorry for these people who took photos and sent them to whoever and they were shopped around the internet. So no pictures will be posted here! I give them a week to find the dirty bird who leaked all the pictures. Maybe even sooner than that.

The Wanted Have Decided To “Take a Break”


It is time for all music lovers to rejoice since The Wanted have finally decided to stop making music! Yes! I mean if your E! reality show gets cancelled you probably don’t have much going for you anyway. Let’s be honest though this band was one of the worst boy bands of all time and I mean that. The fucking worst.

To start off these guys tried to have a fist fight with One Direction, fuck you guys, at least their music is good. Oh the bald one also fucked Lindsay Lohan, atrocious, and the weird elf looking one dated Ariana Grande. Then the kind of attractive one with black spikey hair was engaged, and the other two are not attractive. What did they think they were going to do? You could only do so many versions of the same song. ‘Glad you Came’ wasn’t the worst song in the world, the rest of their songs were though. ‘Walks like Rihanna’ what the fuck was that?That was the best song you could think of? There are five of you! At least one needs to have a brain.

The nail in this coffin was when they tried to make fun of the two boy band legends, the two bands that made boy bands cool in the 90’s. Backstreet Boys and Nsync, don’t you even try to think you are better than them. Fuck you guys!

So let me make myself clear, I am not glad you came but I am beyond happy that you are finally leaving. They will probably try and make a come back but by that time no one will care about them.

Selena Gomez pulls an Ashlee Simpson

So last night was the Jingle Ball concert in LA where the biggest names playing were Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande. According to a lot of different people there was a ton of issues with technical stuff. Ariana Grande’s song was all fucked up and she threw shade at Gomez saying “At least I don’t use a back track.” Once I read that I immediately Youtubed the Selena Gomez issues.

Let’s just say little Ms.Gomez is probably getting someone fired today. She did fucking awful, she should also fire whoever thought it would be good for her to dress with a bob and look gothic as fuck. Selena will make sure heads will roll, she plays this little nice girl but you can tell she is a real bitch.

Can we just laugh about the fact Miley Cyrus was probably laughing at the little Gomez’s mishap, she loved every single second of it I am sure!

Who is Ariana Grande?


For a while now I have had this question and I have heard different things and none had impressed me. She did that annoying ass song with the mouth breather Mac Miller, not impressed. She was on Nickelodeon and my thought was, that station is still around? Maybe it was Disney channel actually, either way I am just not impressed with this bitch.

So this Thanksgiving I was minding my own business, sipping on hot chocolate and this bitch arrives in the middle of the damn parade, fury went through my bones! How is she this popular? I guess it is because of her voice, people are saying that she is a young Mariah Carey and honestly, no. She is someone who is trying too hard. I feel like she is the girl who never had friends and she has slight talent so she feels like she can show up the young pop queens like Selena and Demi, no honey, you can’t. Also in her interviews she has a weird whispery voice, yet again stop it! Also she is dating someone from The Wanted, aka the worst boy band of all time!!!

I would suggest you stop singing with Mac Miller, dump your Wanter boyfriend, and get a sound that is your own. You’re welcome honey.