Bomb Goes Off At Ariana Grande Concert At Manchester Arena

Tonight I am sad to report that there was a bombing at an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena in England.

There are so many different reports going around that it is hard to know what is true, who knows what is fake at this point. One thing is for sure, they are treating this as an act of terrorism.

It has been reported that a bomb filled with nails was set off as people left the concert. It has been confirmed that Ariana was not hurt from the blast but right now, 19 people are confirmed dead and it looks like that number is only going to rise.

Concerts are one of the greatest things in the world in my opinion. It is where a sea of people, whether it’s a few hundred or a few thousand can put all of their own personal bullshit aside. People from different backgrounds, different ages, and races put it all aside to just enjoy the music.

Music is supposed to bring us together, terrorism is there to tear us apart.

My sincere thoughts and prayers are with everyone effected by this tragedy.

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Watch John Legend & Ariana Grande Team Up For “Beauty And The Beast”


I know that I was just praising this ‘Beauty And The Beast’ reboot but I don’t know if I can get behind this song. I mean Celine Dion sang on the original so can you top that? I don’t think you can, you definitely can’t put Ariana Grande on the track in place for Celine. That is just a major no, no.

John Legend absolutely killed it though.

Yes, I am very aware I need to stop comparing the two, I just can’t get behind this fully. I won’t apologize.

Solid music video though, very magical.

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Ariana Grande Is Selling $150 Cat Ear Headphones

Even though she's busy riding dick bicycles and dealing with wrist icicles, Ariana Grande — the Thomas Edison of our generation — still has time in her schedule to create innovative technology to solve modern-day needs:

Ariana Grande you ain’t slick! Before I get into why Ariana Grande isn’t slick, let me tell you one thing. Those wireless headphones are not worth it. They are going to be a ripoff of Beats by Dre. That’s all you need to know.

Now back tow why Ariana Grande ain’t slick. I have watched the theatrical masterpiece ‘Josie and the Pussycats’ , which is why I would never buy a pair.

Number one, she copied them and number two, we all know that these are designed to brainwash the youth!


Fiona introduced us to these for complete government control of teenagers. We are already brainwashed enough.

Look at what happened to these teens!

Don’t buy these copycat cat ears!


I am on to you Ariana Grande.

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Ariana Grande & Mac Miller Are Instagram Official

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

It looks like Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have decided to take their love fest to social media, that’s how you know it’s real, right? The two have been rumored to be dating the past few months and now it is official. Ariana is calling him baby on Instagram, and Mac Miller is the luckiest mouth breather in the world.

Still no media slut shaming her like they are to Taylor, who is recently single after breaking up with Tom Hiddleston. There is nothing wrong with dating around in your 20’s and I am not saying that Ariana is a bad person, I am saying the way the media treats certain people is absolutely disgusting.

Anyway, I can assume that these two will come out with some more remixes, probably date for a few months before breaking up.

Young love, how cute.

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Are Mac Miller & Ariana Grande Dating?

In the photos above, obtained by TMZ, all signed point to the pint sized singer Ariana Grande dating the pint sized rapper Mac Miller.

The two have known each other for years, collaborating on Ariana’s first song “The Way”, which gained both of them quite a bit of attention in the music world. Of course, it was Ariana’s first single and Mac having a part of the track was a big deal. They went around the country promoting it together, and reportedly always remained close friends.

Now I have a question. Listen, I am about to bring up Taylor Swift so if you got what you needed, go to the next article.

Why isn’t Ariana being dragged from jumping from man to man. I mean she went from that weird looking Nathan guy from the short lived band The Wanted, then to Big Sean, then to one of her back up dancers named Ricky, and now she is with Mac Miller. This has all been in the course of a few years. Yes, she was with Ricky for a while but why isn’t she being dragged? I see you media.

Let me also be clear. There is nothing wrong with dating. If you want to date around, then do it! Ariana? You go girl, you have some odd taste in men (Other than my boo Big Sean), but hey more power to you. It is just interesting how the media is so fixated on Taylor when she is also just dating in her 20’s. Whatever.

Anyway, I give this couple five months before they break up.

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Ariana Grande Performs Whitney Houston Medley on ‘Greatest Hits’

Ariana Grande ABC's Greatest Hits Whitney Houston Medley Performance

Although I do believe that Ariana Grande is really unlikable she can sing. She does have a voice and she did a great job honoring Whitney Houston, I think that we can all agree with that.

Greatest Hits‘ is seriously my favorite show of the summer. Nothing like watching old and new perform together and do incredible duets, or just bring back nostalgia.

Can we also take a minute to appreciate how incredible Whitney’s songs were and agree that she left this world far too early. Thank you for all the songs Whitney.

Before people start to compare….Ariana is not the next Whitney.

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The 2016 VMA Nominations Have Been Announced!

So that time of year is coming up. The time of year when you automatically know who is going to win an award because they show up. I love award shows where you don’t even really have to guess because the only people who show up at the winners, for the most part. Sometimes there are surprises but not really.

The show will take place on August 28th, on MTV of course and I bet that there will be a lot of drama, and Kimye involved this year.

This year the show will be taking place at Madison Square Garden too which is a big change from the past.

No word on who the host is, at least I have no idea who it is, and as for performances? Still a mystery!

So let’s check them out! I will give my predictions too, like I usually do for award shows!

“Hello” by Adele
“Formation” by Beyoncé
“Hotline Bling” by Drake
“Sorry” by Justin Bieber
“Famous” by Kanye West

“Hello” by Adele
“Into You” by Ariana Grande
“Hold Up” by Beyoncé
“Work” by Rihanna feat. Drake
“Cheap Thrills” by Sia

“Don’t” by Bryson Tiller
“This Is What You Came for” by Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna
“Hotline Bling” by Drake
“Famous” by Kanye West
“Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd

“Watch Out” by 2 Chainz
“Don’t” by Bryson Tiller
“Angels” by Chance the Rapper feat. Saba
“Panda” by Desiigner
“Hotline Bling” by Drake

“Hello” by Adele
“Wild Things” by Alessia Cara
“Into You” by Ariana Grande
“Formation” by Beyoncé
“Sorry” by Justin Bieber

“Missing You” by All Time Low
“Adventure of a Lifetime” by Coldplay
“Irresistible” by Fall Out Boy feat. Demi Lovato
“Victorious” by Panic! At the Disco
“Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots

“The Girl Is Mine” by 99 Soul feat. Destiny’s Child and Brandy
“Summerthing!” by Afrojack
“How Deep Is Your Love” by Calvin Harris and Disciples
“I Took a Pill in Ibiza” by Mike Posner
“Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers feat. Daya

Bryson Tiller
Lukas Graham
Zara Larsson

“Let Me Love You” by Ariana Grande feat. Lil Wayne
“Freedom” by Beyoncé feat. Kendrick Lamar
“This Is What You Came For” by Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna
“Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony feat. Ty Dolla $ign
“Work” by Rihanna feat. Drake

“Lemonade” by Beyoncé
“Royalty” by Chris Brown
“The Odyssey” by Florence + The Machine
“Purpose: The Movement” by Justin Bieber
“Blue Neighborhood Trilogy” by Troye Sivan

“Hello” by Adele
“Hold Up” by Beyoncé
“Blackstar” by David Bowie
“Hotline Bling” by Drake
“M.I.L.F.$” by Fergie

“Formation” by Beyoncé
“Sorry” by Beyoncé
“M3LL155X” by FKA Twigs
“Delilah” by Florence + The Machine
“WTF (Where They From”) by Missy Elliott feat. Pharrell

“Hello” by Adele
“I Wanna Know” by Alesso
“Into You” by Ariana Grande
“Formation” by Beyoncé
“Lazarus” by David Bowie

“Hello” by Adele
“Formation” by Beyoncé
“Up&Up” by Coldplay
“Lazarus” by David Bowie
“The Less I Know the Better” by Tame Impala

“Hello” by Adele
“M.I.L.F.$” by Fergie
“Into You” by Ariana Grande
“Formation” by Beyoncé
“Lazarus” by David Bowie

“Send Your Love (to Your New Lover)” by Adele
“Up&Up” by Coldplay
“M3LL155X” by FKA Twigs
“Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weekend
“Pillowtalk” by Zayn

Honestly, I have no idea who will win some of these. The VMAs are simply a popularity contest and we all know that. I just think that Beyonce will win everything, Bieber will win at least one award. Kanye will win something and say “I made that bitch famous”, and everyone will laugh. The end .

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Britney Spears, Drake, Usher, & More To Headline IHeart Radio Music Festival

It looks like this years IHeart Radio Music Festival may be the best yet. I mean just look at that lineup, and there will be more artists named in the upcoming weeks. So this is just the start of the amazing lineup that will be performing for the two nights in Vegas.

Britney Spears, Sam Hunt, Usher, Sting, and Sia, all in one night? Or well, two nights? That is something that I can barely wrap my head around.

The only bad thing about this festival is that you can basically only win your way in. This was created so people listen to the radio again and call in to win. Hey, I will do it though! Count me in on that because I need to go to this!

Can’t wait to see who else gets added to this lineup and then watch the concert that will probably be reaired sometime in like November on The CW.

Do you like this lineup?

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Ariana Grande Nails Multiple Impressions On Saturday Night Live

So fun fact, Ariana Grande is really good at doing impressions of people. I have to give credit where credit is due. She might not be the most likable celebrity out there but hey, she is good at what she does. She can sing and surprisingly she was an incredibly good host. I have never thought she had much stage presence but homegirl can act. I know she started off an actor, so obviously it makes sense but SNL was great this week with her as host and performer!

I must say her impersonation of Jennifer Lawrence was my absolute favorite. Finally someone, well a whole television show is calling her out for always talking about how relatable she is. Ariana killed her voice too, I didn’t know people had a Jennifer Lawrence impression but I am very happy that Ariana Grande does!

Then of course she pulled out her Britney impression, on point, along with her Celine impression and finally a Whitney impression.

Good job Ariana, you were very likable and hilarious.

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Saturday Night Live Premiers Hilarious ‘This Is Not A Feminist Song’

Welcome to the year 2016, where everyone is offended by everything. People get mad about comedians making jokes, commercials, hell they even get mad about who a logo looks like. So I think that Saturday Night Live handled this song absolutely perfect.

I swear  a lot of people don’t realize that begin a feminist doesn’t mean you have to run around burning your bra, growing out your armpit hair, and refusing to shave your legs. If you want to do that, that is all on you. Personally I enjoy shaving my armpits and legs, wearing a bra, and getting hit on. That doesn’t mean I am not a feminist.

Feminism means equality, the end!

Anyway, this song is kind of a jam right? I feel like it is very catchy and I am all about it.

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