Lucy Hale Looks Beautiful On The 2016 Teen Choice Red Carpet

Lucy Hale is my favorite from “Pretty Little Liars“, there I said it! No, she is actually my second favorite, I love Troian. Her twitter and snaps are on point.

Lucy’s dress really has a lot going on but it doesn’t matter because she has the most symmetrical face in the world and can pull off anything.

Good luck to all of the “Pretty Little Liars” because I think that they are nominated! I am really too old for this show.

PS, I know you are uber A Aria, I know it!

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Man Crush Monday: Ian Harding

In honor of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ I have decided to finally nominated someone I have been meaning to nominated for a while, Ian Harding. Honestly PLL is my guilty pleasure. I don’t like to admit how much I enjoy the show, but I love it. I love the twists, I love everything about, except for when A was revealed because that was miserable. If you are still binge watching on Netflix I won’t ruin it for you.

Ian Harding is probably one of my favorite parts of the show though. He reminds me of a Ken doll, just perfect. Is that a weird thing to say? Probably but I just don’t care. He has a great jawline, that perfect just woke up hairstyle, and his blue eyes are absolutely gorgeous. You can’t go wrong with any of that.

Not only is Ian an absolute babe, he also does a lot for charity. He is always posting about raising money for Lupus and how he is involved in different organizations. He is beautiful and has a good heart, how can you go wrong? The answer is that you can’t.

I just want to add, I am praying that Fitz and Aria end up together, anyone else?

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Pretty Little Liars Star Keegan Allen: I Know Who ‘A’ Is … and So Do You!

For five seasons, Pretty Little Liars fans have been asking one question: Who is A?

Keegan Allen, who stars as Spencer Hastings’ (Troian Bellisario) boyfriend Toby Cavanaugh, says he has the answer … and meticulous viewers could solve the mystery, too.

“I do know who it is,” Allen tells PEOPLE of the latest baddie to cyber-bully Rosewood’s four leading ladies. “And what I love about who it is is that everyone knows who it is … but it will be so shocking and surprising.”

“Everyone will freak out because it’s so clearly in every episode,” he adds, laughing. “When it’s finally revealed, you could literally go back to season 1 and knowing who it is, you can be like, ‘Oh, wow. Whoa. This has been here all along, and I never noticed it,’ which is, I think, brilliant.” (

So apparently we all know who A is, I for a fact know exactly who this A character is. Want to know? A is Aria, yes it is. I have been saying it for about three years now and everyone always tells me I am wrong. Well you know what, you are all wrong! Watch some Youtube videos, she is A!

I mean if you look at all of the things that have happened through out the season Aria has had it the easiest. One time Mona called her “Big A” and a few characters have called her a really great liar. Oh and go back to the Halloween episode and how she wrote the letter A on the window of the train. Go and do it!

Aria is A, get ready when that drops in season seven I believe it is supposed to happen. Then you can all come back and tell me how right I am.