Nick Jonas Releases Music Video For “Area Code”

My good God Nick Jonas, you just continue to put out hit after hit. Alright, I didn’t love “Levels” I can’t lie, but this song. This song does something to me. I just love it so much. I mean I think that if Drake would rap on it or something it would be incredible.

All I can say is that Kate Hudson is one lucky woman, even though they probably aren’t in a relationship she has hit it. Good for you Kate Hudson.

Rumor has it the part where he sings “good for ya” is about Selena, he even favorite some tweets that speculated it. How scandalous!

Nick, please continue to put out music like this.

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Nick Jonas Drops New Song “Area Code” And References Selena Gomez?

Nick Jonas dropped “Area Code” on SoundCloud on Saturday night.

Well let me start of by saying this song is absolute fire. I feel like it is a perfect mix of The Weeknd and Drake. Seriously, this song is a different sound for Nick and I absolutely love it! I mean he talks about being drunk and basically wanting a booty call, right? Well Nick here is my number if you ever need that state again. Well follow me on Twitter we can DM, exchange numbers, you know what I am saying.

One specific line came into play and made people who want Nick and Selena Gomez back together go wild.

He sings “You say I never been good for you, you can’t deny I gave it good to you,” That line seems to be a reference to Gomez’s summer hit “Good For You.”

He added fuel to that fire when he favorited two tweets from two different fans.

Nick Jonas favorited a pair fan tweets talking about his new song “Area Code” being about Selena Gomez.

You know I think that Nick Jonas is going to have a long career, I think that he is going to stay a stable hit maker but Bieber is back. Unfortunately his new music blowing up and Jonas had to do something. So he released a free song on his soundcloud and referenced the girl that Bieber constantly sings about. Boom, shots have been taken.

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