Watch Jason Momoa Throw Axes On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Jason Momoa is absolutely one of my favorite people in Hollywood. He doesn’t really seem to be about that Hollywood life but he seems to enjoy it. If you follow him on Instagram you know that there are three things that he loves, he loves his family, he loves his heritage, and he loves Guinness beer. That simple.

After watching him throwing axes with a beer in his hand though? I might be a little turned on. No I am extremely.

There’s just something about a man who can really throw an ax, right? Must be one of those primitive things that I seem to lack.

Momoa also got incredibly candid about how he is terrible at keeping secrets.

God bless that laugh, right? A giant man with a little giggle, gotta love it.

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Nobody Loves Guinness Beer More Than Jason Momoa

Image result for guinness beer and jason momoa

Guinness beer isn’t my drink of choice but I will have a tall glass of Jason Momoa any day of the week.

The actor’s Instagram has photos of his family, his passion about his heritage, and his love of Guinness. That’s right, this man who probably only has 5% body fat, loves to drink Guinness whenever he can, and he likes to document it.

Are you ready to get lost in staring at Jason Momoa as he expresses his love for the dark beer?

I hope so.

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BOOM cheeeehoooooo

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Love u guys Mahalo for all your hardwork

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Have you had enough yet, no? Good there’s more to come.

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Da MANO. Luckiest man on earth Ohana @guinnessus

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I only went 14 weeks back with that one. If you want to check out all of his Guinness loving posts, his click his Instagram page.

Jason please don’t ever change.

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Man Crush Monday: Jason Momoa

Back in the day if you asked me what Comic-con was I would say that it was somewhere comic book nerds gathered to talk about well, comic books. That is only kind of right though. The hottest actors in the world go sit at panels and talk about their upcoming comic book, or syfy movies that are coming out and get the world all hyped up.

Well Comic-con happened this past weekend and let me tell you something. Jason Momoa is my new obsession. Apparently he was in ‘Game of Thrones’ for a while, I have never watched the show but he is going to play Aquaman in the just ‘Justice League’ which is apparently going to be bad ass.

So let’s start with some facts about Jason. He is married to Lisa Bonet (one of the most beautiful women ever if you ask me), he is 6’4″, he has two children, oh and he was in ‘Baywatch’ I mean obviously only extremely attractive actors were allowed on that show, so of course he was on that.

Personally, I don’t know what more I can say other than that I am in love with him. I will of course admire from a far Lisa, don’t you worry.

Happy Monday, I hope this hunk starts your week off right!

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