Lance Bass Pulls Best April Fool’s Day Prank Of All Time


Now when I say that Lance Bass pulled off the best April Fool’s Day prank I think that it could also go as the worst. Yesterday the singer tweeted that there would be an NSYNC reunion tour and they were recording four new songs for this specific tour. All of us girls in our mid-twenties had heart attacks getting ready to spend our life savings on tickets. April Fool’s, fuck you Lance Bass.

I was never a big NSYNC fan myself but I would want to see the concert. I would love to see Joey Fatone run around stage like he is actually an entertainer while JC tried to one up Justin Timberlake. It would be incredible. That won’t happen though, probably ever.

Let’s be real people, do you really think that Justin Timberlake wants to tour with NSYNC? He spent a good chuck of his early solo years pretending that he was never even in a boy band. Sorry to burst everyone’s happiness, it will just never happen.

Also Lance Bass, I bet a bunch of people wish you really got lost in space now.