Happy 29th Birthday Rihanna!

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Happy birthday to one of my favorite female artists of all time. That’s right, it’s bad girl Rihanna‘s birthday and I am sure that she will be celebrating it with a nice big fat blunt.

Over the past ten years, even longer than that, Rihanna has given us hit after hit. I swear that every single thing that she touches turns to gold. Right now she has 14 certified number one hits. That makes her third on the all time list behind Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson. How insane is that?

Whether Rihanna is singing catchy hooks or her own songs, one thing is for sure, she owns it.

Happy birthday Rihanna, thank you for all of the bops and thank you for bringing a flask to the GRAMMY‘s because we all know that ANTi was robbed.

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Drake & Rihanna Are Reportedly Really Dating This Time

Every couple of months this rumor comes around and it seems like Drake and Rihanna are really dating and really in love, then they just stop. This has been going on for at least five or so years, right? Every few months I want these two to stay together and be in love, and then it just doesn’t happen, it is really heartbreaking and makes me extremely upset.

Anyway, don’t mind my slight mental breakdown right there.

Word on the street is that Drizzy Drake and RiRi, have finally taken it to the next level, again. She is currently in London for the European leg of her ANTi tour and Drake is reportedly right by her side. He even surprised the crowd one night.

According to E!, Drake has never stopped loving Rihanna and she was the one who wanted to be wild and single. Maybe she is ready to chill out a little bit though? Maybe she is ready to finally marry Drake? One can only hope.

Let’s all hold hands for a prayer circle and pray that these two end up staying together, make beautiful music, and never break up. It’s really all that I can hope for.

Please God let this be true.

Here is a tiny bit of evidence, there have been a ton of pictures of them going in and out of clubs in London, but you can Google all that.


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Rihanna Releases Music Video For ‘Work’ Featuring Drake

Why can’t Drake and Rihanna just get married? Is that too much to ask? They have such insane chemistry and their music is so damn good. They should at least release a joint album because that would sell so fast, all of the songs would fire, it would be great.

Now Rihanna has been a bit difficult lately, cancelling her Grammy performance, pushing back the start of her tour even the way that her album was released, it is just all a bit messy, to say the least.

The video is pretty great though, nothing like Rihanna dancing and Drake pretending not to be in love with her.

Can we all appreciate that Drake is Rihanna’s video vixen? That is something I can get behind!


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Rihanna Just Released ‘ANTi’

After months an anticipation Rihanna has finally released ‘ANTi’ in a very big way! The album was released on Jay-Z’s streaming site Tidal after it was leaked online.

You can currently download it for free with Rihanna’s code “ANTI” for a limited time! Rihanna tweeted out the code proving that she is not just in it for the sales. Ri worked hard on this album and let me say, it is incredible. I downloaded it the second that I saw her tweet and I will say, it is absolutely worth the wait.

I highly recommend you go and download it now before the code is no longer availible, then you have to navigate Tidal to download the album until it gets released on Itunes!

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Rihanna Releases New Single “Work” Featuring Drake

I can’t lie I don’t hate this song but I also don’t love it. Rihanna fans have been waiting for new music for a very long time, an extremely long time actually. She was supposed to release her album ‘ANTI’ on Black Friday but that didn’t happen. According to reports she is going to drop it at some point this week, but who knows.

In reality, Rihanna and Drake make good music together. I just wish that she actually said words in the chorus. Other than ‘work’ of course. I do love Drake’s verse though, he really can’t do much wrong.


It is currently streaming on ‘Tidal’ so who knows if we will ever even see it!

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