Hayden Christensen Hasn’t Aged Since 2002

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Do you remember back when Hayden Christensen starred in ‘Star Wars : Episode 2’ way back in 2002 and you immediately got a crush on him? He was the new Hollywood “It” boy after playing Anikin Skywalker.

Well now he is 35 years old and still looks the exact same.

I am actually in shock that he hasn’t aged at all, then again he is married to Rachel Bilson, another person who doesn’t age. They have a daughter together and I am positive that she will probably look like she is 2 until she is at least 7.

Yesterday he stepped out for a Star Wars event and I am still in shock at how he looks damn near the exact same.

Below is a picture of him from 2002 for reference. The main photo above is a photo from 2017.

Image result for hayden christensen 2002

Truly zero difference. Whatever fountain of youth he has found, I would like to take a sip from it.

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