Watch Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, & More Deliver Cher’s Iconic ‘Clueless’ Speech

Yeah, I think that the title basically says it all because watching grown men channel their inner Cher for ‘Clueless’ is really all that you need on this Wednesday.

W Magazine always puts together the weirdest but best video mashups of actors reading different songs or monologues, it’s really perfect. Well this time around the asked some of Hollywood’s hottest leading men to read Cher’s iconic speech in ‘Clueless’.

Now sit back and relax to watch Andrew Garfield, Lucas Hedges, Adam Driver, and Alden Ehrenreich take on the iconic role.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I needed to see Andrew imitate a girl from the Valley but now I need more.

They also did this previously with Bradley Cooper, Seth Rogen, and a few others! Enjoy!

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Andrew Garfield Got Super High At Disneyland For His 29th Birthday / / Splash News

For a long time I have felt like Andrew Garfield is kind of boring and that he and I have nothing in common, but it looks like I was wrong. After watching this interview, maybe Andrew isn’t totally lame!

During his interview with W Magazine he opened up about his 29th birthday and how he was high at Disneyland! Not just any normal high, he ate a pot brownie so that is a totally different kind of high.

So I am told at least.

No word on if Emma got stoned as well, but judging by his description they were all a pot brownie deep.

Watch Andrew talk about the best day ever.

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Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Are Totally Dunzo!

I could’ve sworn this breakup happened months ago and depending on what online article you read it will say something different! All I can say is that I am kind of happy that these two broke up. Is that a little harsh? I just remember that Emma Stone before she dated Andrew, think back all those years ago, remember how fun she was? Remember how hilarious she was on red carpets? Remember when she didn’t take herself so seriously? Yes, all of those memories are very fond ones for me!

I seriously hope that fun Emma comes back but that isn’t the point. According to a source close to the couple they have been broken up for a while, and still have love for each other. That is basically what every single celebrity break up comes down to. There will always be love, respect our privacy, all of that fun stuff. Why can’t we ever get a juicy one? One that says something like, we decided we hated each other and no longer see a future. How perfect would that be?

These two will be just fine solo and they were easily one of my least favorite celebrity couples, so this isn’t sad news. Emma go win that Oscar you deserve.