Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake’s Matching Denim Date Happened 15 Years Ago Today

15 years ago at the 2001 American Music Awards, something magical happened. Pop royalty Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore matching denim outfits.

We will never forget that iconic moment in pop culture. Thank you Britney and Justin, you may not have been able to make your relationship work but you gave us this moment. A moment that we will always remember.

JT+BS 4ever.

I can’t be the only one who secretly wishes they would get back together, right?

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We Need To Watch Alanis Morssette & Demi Lovato Team Up For ‘You Oughta Know ‘

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

To me this was the performance of the night. My lord Alanis and Demi’s voices blend together so well. Why don’t they do a duet? I mean this was absolutely incredible. In my personal opinion, other than Celine Dion, this was the performance of the night. They worked so well together and sounded so perfect.

Know what I love? The fact that Demi went up there twice, thank you to Jay Z for helping manage her because you know he made that happen.

I also want to thank you Alanis for writing the best break up song of all time. ‘You Oughta Know’ is a timeless classic and Alanis is a genius for writing that.

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Meghan Trainor & Charlie Puth Make Out On Stage At The 2015 AMAs

Well okay guys, I get it you two are singing a song about getting it on and then you want to make out on stage. This was a brilliant move, let’s be real it will be one of the most talked about moments of the show. So far it has been a pretty good show but this moment is still burned in my memory. Especially the full on hand grab by Charlie, shit dude relax.

Let me add they continued to make out when the song ended, which surprised me for sure, I mean you can’t deny that.

I guess it makes sense though, right? If you are going to sing a song about getting it on, you need to do something.

Are these two a couple? Does anyone know that? Was this little make out was just for fun?

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Nick Jonas Decided To Wear A Turtle Neck On The AMA Red Carpet

Why? Nick you are so much better than a turtleneck, I think we can all agree with that. No one looks good in a turtle neck, I promise you that. Especially a white turtleneck when you are wearing a light gray suit, none of that makes sense. Nick you usually crush the red carpet, I don’t understand!

Wait, I have a theory. Maybe he is wearing a turtleneck because he has some hickies, I mean that would make sense right?

I am really bummed because Nick is such a babe, I mean he is a ten that is for sure. But with this turtleneck he has dropped to a hard seven, no one can rock a turtleneck.

Maybe he will look sexy for his performance though, I can only hope!

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Ciara Wears A Barely There Dress To The American Music Awards

My lord Ciara! It is confusing because I feel like she is actually pretty covered up but she is also wearing barely anything. I mean the prints looks absolutely incredible. This is probably one of my favorite looks on the red carpet!

Ciara is just plain sexy, that simple, you can’t deny that. Russel Wilson you are a very lucky man because holy moly. Yup, holy moly!  Ciara is smoking hot and she has been for years, her style has just evolved over time too!

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Justin Bieber Wears A Nirvana Shirt To The American Music Awards

How pissed off do you think Kurt Cobain would be if he was alive right now? Bieber represents everything that he hated about the music industry. Someone who is nothing but an artist molded from the company rather than having his own image. Bieber is so manufactured it is insane. I wonder if Bieber could even name any of their songs other than ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.

I am still not convinced that Bieber is a better artist than he used to be, his voice hasn’t matured along with him. Maybe I am wrong though because he made his comeback. I am just ready for him to show up to concerts late, miss meet and greets, and do dumb shit. That’s about that!

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Gigi Hadid Slays The American Music Awards Red Carpet

For a while I didn’t know how I felt about Gigi Hadid for a while. I thought she was pretty, but she was average looking. I thought she looked like the rich girl at school who got mad that lunch didn’t have a gluten free option. In reality though she is gorgeous and with this haircut she just looks so beautiful.

The outfit is on point, the hair is on point, and guess what? Joe Jonas is there as well. As most people k now they recently broke up so it looks like she wants to remind him what he has been missing because my lord she looks incredible!

I am also pretty sure she has an eight pack, that is pretty impressive considering I don’t even have a one pack.

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The Guys Of One Direction Look Dapper On The American Music Awards Red Carpet

Well the guys of One Direction absolutely slayed the red carpet if I do say so myself. Niall looks absolutely adorable in those glasses, I love the color of Liam’s suit, Louis looks alright, and Harry somehow pulls off one of the ugliest suits I have ever seen. I am serious, that looks like my grandmother’s couch, yet I find Harry attractive, I don’t understand at all.

Anyway, this might be the last time we ever see all of these guys together on the red carpet together, how sad is that? Yes I know that they have said they are getting back together, but they might not. If it is their last red carpet together, they all look great.

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Carrie Underwood Rocks A Cape On The AMA’s Red Carpet!

Oh shit, wearing a cape? I feel like that is a serious statement to make but Carrie is rocking it. I swear that Carrie could wear a damn paper bag and I am sure of that.

I think that this is seriously a red carpet moment for Carrie though. She looks so pretty, those legs look incredible, and she looks like she is dripping with diamonds. I am a real fan Carrie!

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