Carrie Underwood Reveals She Needed More Than 40 Stitches After Her Fall

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Back in November it was reported that Carrie Underwood took a pretty serious fall where she broke her wrist. Now of course we all know that Carrie is a national treasure so I took the news pretty hard.

Some new information about this mysterious fall has come out though and I am really upset about it. Honestly, probably way more emotional than I should be about someone I never met before, but Carrie is basically an angel, so there’s that.

Today, she wrote a letter to her fan club and it explains that she actually had to get 40 stitches in her face because of the fall.

In a letter obtained by E News, Carrie states.

“Most of you know that I tripped and fell and broke my wrist in November. I’m still doing regular physical therapy for that, but all is coming along. There is also another part of the story that I haven’t been ready to talk about since I have still been living it and there has been much uncertainty as to how things will end up, it’s crazy how a freak random accident can change your life. In addition to breaking my wrist, I somehow managed to injure my face as well. I’ll spare you the gruesome details, but when I came out of surgery the night of my fall, the doctor told [my husband] Mike that he had put between 40 and 50 stitches in. Now, here we are 7 weeks later and, even though I’ve had the best people helping me, I’m still healing and not quite looking the same. Here we are 7 weeks later and, even though I’ve had the best people helping me, I’m still healing and not quite looking the same. I honestly don’t know how things are going to end up but I do know this: I am grateful, I am grateful that it wasn’t much, much worse. And I am grateful for the people in my life that have been there every step of the way.”

“I am determined to make 2018 amazing and I want to share things with you along the way, and when I am ready to get in front of a camera, I want you all to understand why I might look a bit different. I’m hoping that, by then, the differences are minimal, but, again, I just don’t know how it’s all going to end up.”

Let me be clear. Carrie, no matter how you look you will still be idolized and adored.

Are you emotional about all of this? I know I am.

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Kelly Clarkson Is Back With “Love So Soft”!

Oh my god! Kelly Clarkson has come back to save the music industry and it is all I have ever needed!

This sounds more like Kelly’s earlier albums and I am totally here for it. She is one of my all time favorite female vocalists and I still think she is underrated. I mean nearly every song she puts out has been in the Top 10 but I guess people would like to forget about those stats.

She is the original American Idol, she deserves your respect.

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Ryan Seacrest Will Host ‘American Idol’ Reboot

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I am still not totally sure if I am here for an American Idol reboot. The show ended and should stay in the cancelled locker forever. Near the end, nobody cared about the show, that simple. Also adding Katy Perry as judge definitely doesn’t make me want to watch.

Yesterday Ryan Seacrest confirmed that he would be hosting the show again, and I get it. He was the host for so long that he doesn’t want anyone else to take over the crown.

Why though?

Do I think that this reboot will somehow make the show relevant again? No, I think that people are kind of over singing competitions at the moment.

American Idol definitely changed a lot for pop culture, there is no denying that. Having Simon, Paula, and Randy behind the judges desk, having Ryan as a host. The chemistry was amazing, the contestants were great for the most part. Hell, American Idol taught American to text.

This just doesn’t sit well with me, I can’t help it.

It has also been confirmed that this will not interfere with any of his other jobs.

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Carrie Underwood Reflects On Winning ‘American Idol’ 12 Years Later!

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Honestly, it is still kind of insane to think that we got Carrie Underwood from ‘American Idol‘. Now don’t get me wrong, the show has definitely produced some huge stars, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, just to name a few.

It is just so strange to think that Carrie was up there every week fighting to stay alive in a singing competition. She won though, and she has absolutely lived up to the title of being an idol.

Carrie has always been very vocal about how much she does appreciate having a platform like ‘American Idol’. I remember reading somewhere that she even gave her number to every winner of the show in case they had any questions. Such a helpful legend.

Well 12 years ago on this day, Carrie was crowned the winner of ‘American Idol’ and I do believe she has lived up to the title.

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Katy Perry Joins ‘American Idol’ Reboot As A Judge!

I am going to be totally honest, I can’t get behind this ‘American Idol‘ reboot at all. There is absolutely no way that it is going to be a good show.

Let’s not be silly about all this.

Was ‘American Idol’ a staple in pop culture? Yes, absolutely. It created a title wave of singing competition shows but it did run it’s course. When it ended it was almost like a sigh of relief because they finally stopped trying to make it happen again.

It’s death didn’t last long though, it’s already coming back and they are trying to make this show huge again. I feel like having Katy Perry as a judge won’t be great. She isn’t well liked on the internet lately and she is just kind of annoying.

So far Katy has been the first confirmed part of the panel, so we will see who they put next to her.

Nothing can save this show, that is something I am sure of. Maybe if they get Carrie Underwood as a judge but I genuinely don’t think that would save this already sinking ship.

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Kelly Clarkson Joins Season 14 Of ‘The Voice’!

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If I was going to pick a team to be on for ‘The Voice‘ it would absolutely be Kelly Clarkson‘s team. There is zero question about that.

One thing that I hate is that I feel like Kelly is still underrated in most people’s eyes. She has had so many hits, she has taken breaks and been able to come back stronger than ever. Hell she even had her body image absolutely ripped apart but she still stood strong.

There were a lot of rumors that Kelly would actually be joining the ‘American Idol‘ reboot but it looks like she chose ‘The Voice’!

Team Kelly all the way.

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‘American Idol’ Is Officially Coming Back To ABC

So I only have one question, why? Why in the actual fuck is ‘American Idol’ coming back at all? This show ran it’s course.

Listen, I understand the pop culture influence that this show had, there’s no question about that. I mean, Ryan Seacrest literally taught us how to type out a text in order to vote for our favorite.

So far there is no real information about the show or about who the host would be. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan took back the role of host.

This is just a waste in my opinion, there’s no reason to ever renew this show. Let it rest in peace.

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Listen To Scotty McCreery Cover “Silent Night”

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Tis the season for “Silent Night” covers and I am so glad that Scotty McCreery put one together. Scotty is one of my favorites from ‘American Idol’ and I am so glad that he is still putting out music, good music too.

Tonight he went on his Facebook page and posted a cover of him singing “Silent Night”. This song is one of my favorite Christmas songs and I think that it is probably a favorite for most people. His take on the song is absolutely beautiful.

Take a listen and fall in love.

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Carrie Underwood & Keith Urban Sing Duet On ‘Idol’ Finale!

Last night the world said goodbye to ‘Idol’ in a big way, a two hour special with performances from basically every person that has ever been on the show. Carrie went up there and slayed it though. I think we can all agree that Carrie is the biggest contestant to come from ‘American Idol‘, listen I love me some Kelly Clarkson too but Carrie is just something else. She is not only a singer but an entertainer.

So last night she went up there and sang her ass off, reminded us why she is the Queen of ‘Idol’ and stole the show. Alright maybe there were a lot of great performances but Carrie is just incredible, she is absolutely something else, that is all I can say. Out of all the talent shows in the past decade I would say that Carrie is the biggest one to come from any of them.

Carrie also performed ‘Something In The Water’ later in the show!

She has come a long way since she first started on the show but it is nice to see she never forgot where she came from.


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The Top 25 Best ‘American Idol’ Contestants Of All Time

As most people are aware by now, ‘American Idol’ is finally saying goodbye for good. Yes, it is still on television an no I don’t know any winners since Phillip Phillips. On that note, it is probably for the best considering this show has ran much longer than it should have, but you have to respect where it is due. ‘American Idol’ changed the way that Americans do television. Before AI, there was no online voting, no calling in to vote, it was the first show to make the viewer feel as though they were a part of a show.

On that note, ‘American Idol’ has produced some serious talent, more talent than any other singing show. I mean ‘The Voice’ has a few big names from it, the short lived ‘X-Factor USA’ basically only had Fifth Harmony come from it. Without ‘American Idol’ though, none of that would have happened. There would be no singing shows to speak of. I guess you can’t really assume that, but ‘American Idol’ was the first to do it.

Here are a list of who I think were the top 25 of all time. You my think my list is jacked up which is absolutely fine but it is my list! Remember I haven’t watched it for a few seasons so I have no idea if there is anyone from the past probably three seasons that I have missed. I mean to be fair, I don’t think that most of America even knew that the show was still on.

25. Kimberly Locke
To be honest, I didn’t appreciate her much when I was younger. I mean I was 11 and only cared about pop music so someone belting out Whitney Houston, at that point in my life didn’t matter. Looking back on it though Kimberly’s voice was insane and her ‘Seven days’ or whatever her single was, that was fire.

24. Kellie Pickler
Surprisingly she didn’t do too bad for herself after the show. On the show she wasn’t my favorite but her stage presence was something that you just couldn’t ignore.

23. Scotty McCreery
Scotty is a hottie but also a snooze fest. Yes, his voice is incredible but at the time on the show he was so boring. I remember just wanting his songs to be over because he would barely move around on stage. I think once he ran around like a mad man, other than that not so much.

22. Kimberly Caldwell
I think Kimberly could qualify as my first girl crush. I was obsessed with her and pretty upset when she left. Luckily for a while she was on random red carpets just doing the damn thing, like interviewing celebrities.

21. Alex Preston
Alex was in the later seasons but I genuinely believe that if he was back on like season 4 or 5, when the show still had a lot of steam he would have been more popular and potentially  could have won.

20. Jason Castro
Oh Jason, the surfer dude with the voice of an angel. His version of ‘Hallelujah’ still gives me chills.

19. Haley Reinhart
The judges always gave Haley shit but she can sing, her voice is incredible. It has definitely gotten stronger since Idol, her voice is insane though, in the best possible way.

18. Ruben Studdard
The velvet teddy bear. I was more of a Clay girl myself but Ruben was entertaining that was for sure. Maybe he will make a comeback one day, maybe.

17. Kris Allen
Kris Allen is a great singer, he is handsome, and he is humble. Somehow he beat Adam Lambert but in the end it is all about showmanship and Adam kind of seemed like the winner out of the two of them. Wen you get a change listen to ‘The Truth’ by Kris though, pretty incredible song.

16. Angie Miller
I genuinely thought that Angie had a shot at winning but American didn’t agree with me. ‘You Set Me Free’ is an absolutely beautiful and haunting song, everyone go download it!

15. Colton Dixon
Colton was someone who I thought was going to stick around, again, I was wrong. I mean I guess I can’t get them all right but he got voted out much earlier than I expected. He is now a married man and has a fairly successful Christian music career.

14. Jordin Sparks
I liked Jordin a lot more after ‘Idol’ than when she was on it. Jordin you gave me songs like ‘Battlefield’ and ‘Tattoo’ thank you for those classics.

13. Phillip Phillips
I would say that Phillip is probably the last successful winner of ‘American Idol’. You couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing ‘Home’ since then we haven’t heard much. I am assuming that he will be back soon enough though.

12. Fantasia
Much like Kimberly Locke when I was younger I couldn’t appreciate the belting out of music, I didn’t understand it. I just thought she was screaming. Going back to it though Fantasia had crazy ass talent. I also believe she is the only ‘American Idol’ alum with a Lifetime movie that they also starred in.

11. Nikki McKibben
Way back in season 1 I wanted Nikki to win it all. I liked Kelly Clarkson enough but I thought that Nikki was going to take it home. It always bummed me out that she never made it big but she was on a VH1 reality show, which is close enough, right?

10. Elliot Yamin
Elliot reminded me of AJ McLean I have no idea why. Loved his voice though, I also thought that it was pretty awesome he could sing so well and he was deaf in one ear, he didn’t let anything stop him. He also had a hit single that I remember loving but can’t remember the name of it.

9. Chris Daughtry
Listen I know that Chris should be higher on the list, sit down and shut our mouth! There were other singers that I liked better than him. I understand his talent was on a different level and he is one of the most successful after the show but I don’t care. I can say though, Chris is a very talented musician, what more do you want?

8. Clay Aiken
This legend. Clay Aiken should have won, that’s all I will say!

7. Katie Stevens
I may be one of the only people to say this but Katie was one of my all time favorites. She was only like 15 or 16 at the time and homegirl could sing, well more than just sing, she SANG. Now she is on a sow on MTV, hopefully she will go back to singing eventually though, that would be awesome!

6. Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer got sent home too early, but I think that’s okay because she won an Oscar, that kind of makes up for everything. She also made a ton of money off of Weight Watchers. Jennifer as made a big comeback since the tragedy that hit her family a few years back, I am glad that she is so happy now.

5.Kathrine McPhee
It’s a shame that Taylor Hicks beat her on ‘American Idol’. Katherine is now on the hit show ‘Scorpion’ though so I think she is going to be okay.

4. Josh Gracin
Boy oh boy did I love Josh Gracin. He was by far my favorite male on the show ever. Now he may not have had the best voice but his looks, my Lord I loved him. After ‘Idol’ he had a fairly successful country career before he fell off a bit. Recently it was said he threatened to kill himself, so we can only hope that whatever he is going through he goes through it safely!

3. Adam Lambert
Adam just toured the world with Queen, need I say more? He was like the Lady Gaga of ‘American Idol’ if that makes any sense. He was the first to have elaborate outfits and stages, Adam changed the game.

2. Kelly Clarkson
Kelly is a Grammy winning artist who puts out hit after hit, you can’t go wrong there. She is the first winner ever, another thing that you can’t deny. Kelly Clarkson will always be the first ‘American Idol’, the most important one, and the star of ‘From Justin to Kelly’

1.Carrie Underwood
Honestly picking between Kelly and Carrie was like Sophie’s choice. Carrie is my girl though. She always has been. She has always come back to her roots on Idol too, something that you just have to respect in a person. I am also pretty sure she is an angel.

So there you have it. Thank you ‘American Idol’ for changing music and television. You will be missed,

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