Jennifer Lawrence: “Pizza fixes everything!”


If you follow my blog closely it isn’t hard to tell that Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favorite people ever and her interview with Barbara Walters last night just goes to prove how amazing she is. She is only 23 years old and is fucking hilarious, she doesn’t take the fame thing too seriously. Hell she said in 10 years she wants to be out of the spotlight and starting her family. At this point in her life I don’t think that fame has changed her, if it has she is a better actress than I thought so in the first place.

During this interview her quote about pizza was easily one of the best things that she said but she also said something else about using the word fat. It was something like this and I won’t quote it because I could be totally off. She said that if we monitor violence and cuss words, why not monitor the word fat? She genuinely hates that people make fun of others for being fat and I completely agree.

Most young girls should start looking up to Jennifer Lawrence, she knows what she is talking about. I love me some T.Swift don’t get me wrong but J.Law is a way better influence on young girls. I am only a year younger than her and she is my idol!

If you do get a chance though you should look up her interview, it is really great.