Selena Gomez Gives Emotional Acceptance Speech At The 2016 AMAs

Selena Gomez is¬†really freaking likable. That is really all that I can say, even when I didn’t like her for going back to Bieber all of those times, I still like her. She is one that I am always low key rooting for even though her singing voice may not be the best, there is just something about her.

As many people know Selena decided to take a break this upcoming year, but made an exception to go to the AMAs and her award for the best pop female vocalist, or whatever it was.

Taking the stage though, Selena made a statement. I think that it is an important one too.

Thanks for being honest with us Selena.

Honestly, I think that this speech can really go out to a lot of people. Letting yourself down is the absolute worst feeling and it is important to take time to yourself.

Also shout out to Selena’s team for letting her take a break, for letting her take time to herself. They aren’t treating her like a machine like how Britney was treated and that’s pretty awesome.

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Niall Horan & Zayn Malik Share A Brief Moment At The AMAs

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Award shows, they bring the stars together, right? Last night both Niall Horan and Zayn Malik were in the building for the AMAs. Niall was performing as a solo artist and Zayn was up for best new artist, so there were a lot of questions as to whether or not the two would interact.

As many people know Zayn quit the band and seemed to leave on pretty salty terms. He said it was due to anxiety but shortly after he came out as a solo artist, so it’s just a little confusing. Niall stuck it out with the band and is out on his own at the moment, no word on a One Direction reunion in the near future.

Last night though, it looked like Niall was going to be the bigger person and as he walked by Zayn shook his hand. Again Zayn has been pretty open with the fact no one from the band spoke to him after he left. I can’t blame them, I would be pissed too. So it was nice to see Niall going out of his way to say hi to Zayn, considering they were a band together for like six years or something crazy like that.

In the video it looks to be like Zayn barely even acknowledged Niall though, and he wouldn’t have reached out first. I don’t like Zayn by the way, ¬†let me just throw that out there.

Sweet baby angel Niall made sure to say hi to him though, how sweet.

Zayn then went on to win New Artist of the year and kind of threw shade at One Direction, asking if it was just his name on the award. Fuck off Zayn.

So what do you think, did Zayn ignore Niall or am I overreacting? Let me know!

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Lady Gaga Gives Incredible “Million Reasons” Performance At The AMAs

There are few out out there that are better than Lady Gaga, can we all come to that conclusion? I mean really, her voice is out of this world and she is always evolving. She changes her singing style, she changes her sound, it is incredible. In my opinion Lady Gaga is going to be around forever.

All of the performers last night were great, but Lady Gaga’s was definitely my favorite. She gave me chills, and “Million Reasons” might be my favorite song of the year.

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Watch Fifth Harmony Perform “That’s My Girl” At The 2016 AMAs

Even though I know that Fifth Harmony is going to break up probably within the next year but I am going to love every one of their performances until that happens. Last night they performed at the AMAs and absolutely killed it! I give these girls a lot of credit because they sing live and they sound incredible.

Before they won though they performed “That’s My Girl” and underrated bop from the group. This is just a song that you can dance to and sing to well, your girls.

Watch them kill it! I am sad that they will probably only put out one more album before they break up. Just enjoy them while you can!

I would just like to say that I have major heart eyes for Lauren, she is so beautiful and her voice is out of this world. All of them are talented but don’t lie, we all have our favorite.

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Man Crush Monday : Jay Pharoah

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I have a real question, what is sexier than being funny? I really don’t think that there is anything sexier than someone who can make me laugh. That sounds corny but it’s the truth.

With that opening let me bring in this weeks Man Crush Monday, Jay Pharoah. Many know him from his stint on ‘Saturday Night Live’, but for some reason they let him go. Last night he absolutely crushed it when he hosted the ‘AMAs’ and I have a feeling he will be hosting more award shows in the future. He absolutely killed it.

Not only is Jay really funny, he also isn’t too bad to look at. He has a great smile, he’s tall, and he has a ton of movies in the works, so we will be seeing a lot more of him.

Thanks for making us all laugh and looking good while you do it!

Happy Monday!

Image result for jay pharoah

Image result for jay pharoah

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Drake & Nina Dobrev Have A ‘Degrassi’ Reunion At The AMAs!

So tonight the AMAs happened but something even better happened. Drake won for best hip hop album and his former ‘Degrassi’ co-star Nina Dobrev presented him with the award. How amazing is that?

Personally I was a huge ‘Degrassi’ fan so this little reunion was everything. Drake even acknowledged that they were on ‘Degrassi’ together in his speech. So I give him props for remembering where he came from!

Now let’s reminisce with some throwbacks!


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Janelle Monae Channels Cruella Deville On The 2016 AMAs Red Carpet

Now listen, when I say that Janelle Monae is channeling Cruella Devilla, I hope that everyone knows that I mean absolutely no disrespect. Cruella was definitely a trendsetter and Janelle looks absolutely flawless in her stripped ensemble.

Janelle was at the AMAs to present along with her costars for “Hidden FIgures” which looks pretty incredible. A very strong cast with an inspiring background, check out the trailer if you can!

This is my favorite look of the night, everything about it is incredible.

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Selena Gomez Slays The 2016 AMAs Red Carpet!

Selena is back everyone! She has been pretty quiet the past couple of months after announcing that she wanted to take the year off but it looks like she wanted to show up for the fans at the AMAs, something I can’t blame her for.

She showed up wearing red, I don’t believe she stopped for any interviews or anything, she just went right into the venue. So maybe she will remain fairly quiet for the night, unless she wins which I assume she does win. That is probably why she is there!

Let’s be real, Selena always looks beautiful and she doesn’t ever disappoint.


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Bella Thorne Shows Off New Hair On The 2016 AMAs Red Carpet

I personally love to use the term “a try hard”. It is my favorite term to use because it means exactly what it sounds like it means. It is someone who tries to hard, whether it’s trying too hard to stand out that you look ridiculous or trying too hard to fit in. It could really be whatever you want it to mean.

Let’s be real, Bella Thorne is the definition of a try hard. I don’t even know why she is famous or where she is from. I only know her from making out with her boyfriend or, well that’s it.

Now she shows up to the AMAs like this? No me gusta. It is seriously terrible.

Getty Images

Do we love it or hate it? Let me know on either Twitter or Instagram!

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Kat Graham Rocks Sheer On The 2016 AMAs Red Carpet

Kat Graham is an absolute vision, right? Usually I hate dresses like this. I ¬†mean, I still don’t really love it but somehow, Kat makes it work. I think it is just everything that goes along with this look.

The dress, the shoes, the make up and the hair. Kat is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood in my opinion. She doesn’t get nearly enough credit either. She sings and acts, great at doing both!

Do we hate it or do we love it? Let me know on any of the social links below!

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