George & Amal Clooney Welcome Twins!

Well everyone it is official, at age 56 George Clooney is a first time father. He and wife Amal welcomed twins Ella and Alexander Clooney.

First of all let me congrats to the couple on welcoming two healthy babies into this world. A baby boy and baby girl, so they will never get their twins confused. That is honestly one of my biggest fears, having twins and not being able to tell them a part.

Okay, let’s get real though. Can you imagine being 56 with newborns? At the moment I can’t imagine being 25 with newborns.

George used to be the guy who would always be a bachelor, then he met an extremely smart and beautiful woman, now they have twins.

What a life.

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George & Amal Clooney Expecting Twins!

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George and Amal are expecting twins! That’s right, the guy who you probably thought would be a forever bachelor has been married for a while now, and is now expecting twins with his love Amal!

Although the couple have yet to confirm the news, Julie Chen of ‘The Talk’ confirmed that they are expecting a boy and a girl.

No word on how far along Amal is, but congrats to the happy couple!

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