Aly & AJ Announce New Music Coming Soon!

You remember Aly and AJ, right? They were probably a part of your angst filled soundtrack when you were a teen and your boyfriend forgot it was your birthday, your stupid birthday.

We only have to wait less than three months for this come back, and I am so ready for it.

No word on their new sound or anything, we just know that in 11 weeks we will have something beautiful to listen to.

Maybe 2017 won’t be a total bust.

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Aly & AJ Confirm They Are Recording New Music!

Nostalgia is so in right now and so many people are going to be cashing in on it. Aly & Aj will be just another group that know when the timing is right.

Let’s be real, these two sisters were the coolest back in 2007 then took a bit of a break. Aly went on to act and AJ, I think she dated Hunter Parrish for a while, so that’s cool. Other than that though, they have remained fairly quiet.

I am excited, no cue the music!

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