A Full Album Review Of Taylor Swift’s New Album ‘1989’


On Tuesday, October 27th Taylor Swift released her senior album entitled ‘1989’. She made it very clear that for this album she was fully cutting ties with her country roots. Her last album ‘Red’ was barely country but country stations were still all about playing her music. I will tell you, none of these songs will be on any country stations across the country.

I want to put a bit ofo a disclaimed saying that I am a Taylor Swift fan, and I have been since her first album was released. I am looking at this album as a fan not as a serious musical critic.I will also be going song by song and give you my opinion. Like most fans I bought this album at midnight on Tuesday and listened to all of them right away. I did wait to write this though, so I could actually really listen to the music.

Usually Taylor’s Lyrics are like poetry. Thinking of a few of my favorites like ‘All to Well’, ‘Dear John’, and ‘Haunted’, they are all songs you can totally ugly cry to. I didn’t feel connected to most of these songs, only maybe three stood out to me. This feels like a debut album in my opinion which to some degree it is since she just turned into a full fledged pop singer, no country influence at all.

1) Welcome To New York

This by far is one of the worst songs on teh entire album, like probably the worst. I get that is an east coast girl now but this is just bad. Even the actual music is annoying. The repetitive lyrics drive me crazy, there isn’t much substance to this song. It seems like she wrote it for a holiday commercial about why people should go and visit New York. It also reminds me of something that would be a theme song to the next Selena Gomez movie, if Selena moves to New York of course. Thank God things can only go up from here right? Rating: 2/10

2) Blank Space

Yes Taylor, this makes up for making me listen to Welcome To New York! I mean the fact she uses the term “new money” makes me want to cry laughing. For some reason I think that is a hilarious saying. These lyrics are absolutely great, one of those relatable songs that all girls are going to sing on car rides with their girlfriends. This song also has the best line in the entire album, “‘Cause, darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream”. Boom done. Rating: 10/10

3) Style

This song isn’t too bad. I believe that T.Swift herself said this was her favorite song on the album. It took her the longest to write which I was surprised about considering it had some of the most basic lyrics. The chorus is super catchy that is for sure,. Is this song about Harry Styles though? I feel like it most definitely is. Rating:6.5/10

4) Out Of The Woods

Okay this is the second worst song of the album, I don’t know why she released this as a single. I hate this song. The lyrics just aren’t clever. Tay, you can do better than this, i promise. I have heard you do better than this! Rating: 3/10

5) Shake It Off

If this song hasn’t been drilled into your head by your local radio station, you’re lucky. This is clearly just a fun song liked ’22’ was when it was released. It is just so catchy, but kind of mindless lyrics coming from T.Swift. Sure she is calling out her haters and all of that but it is just a bland song. Rating : 5/10

6) All You Had To Do Was Stay

I think that this would have been much better as a slower song, I could see it being like a ‘Back To December’ and sounding even better. The song isn’t really bad, it isn’t my favorite but I will listen to it. It isn’t a stand out to me but it isn’t Welcome To New York so that is always a step in the right direction. Rating: 6/10

7) I Wish You Would

This is one of my favorites off of ‘1989’. If you’re a true T.Swift fan you know she has always loved to use times of the day. In this specific one she uses 2 a.m. which brings back some serious nostalgia. Remember in ‘Last Kiss’? She makes a serious emphasis on the time it took place. I do wish it was a bit slower though, it would have made the song more powerful. Rating: 8/10

8) Bad Blood

Know why I love this song? It is a song about how much she dislikes Katy Perry. Know who else dislikes Katy Perry? Me. I simply cannot stand her. When I first heard this song it actually reminded me of something Katy Perry would sing, which I don’t think was a mistake on Taylor’s part. She is being sneaky mean and I am actually very into it, whatever. More power to you T! Also the line “band aids don’t fix bullet holes”, that is straight fire. Rating 7.5/10

9) Wildest Dreams

This song has a very Lana Del Rey or Lorde vibe and I absolutely love it. So one of my biggest problems is that Taylor has had this virginal image since she started and I never really believed it. This song sheds that image though, and the lyrics are incredible too. “His hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room” well shit Taylor I see what you are putting down. “He’s so tall and handsome as hell. He’s so bad but he does it so well”, let’s be real girls, we all have an image of a guy we know that we picture hearing that line. This song is the best song on the album, the end. Rating: 10/10

10) How To Get This Girl

I can take this song or leave it, very Disney channel to me. I think that if I was drunk I would love to dance to this song, sadly I am sober, and I am not very into this song. So this song is simply, meh, that is how I feel about it. Meh. Rating: 5/10

11) This Love

So this is probably one of the slowest songs off this album and it isn’t my favorite. I know I need to stop comparing her new music to her old music but it just isn’t that powerful. I think that the background music takes a lot out of it. Her voice is very synthesized as well which makes the lyrics less powerful. The chorus isn’t bad but the verses are literally hard for my to understand. Does that mean I am getting old? Rating: 6/10

12) I Know Places

Now I can understand why Taylor wrote this song. I assume it was written about how all of her relationships are basically ruined by the media. She wants to keep her relationships more secretive. I think I am right. I do like the song though, I hate that she says foxes so much but it is super catchy. I mean she uses the saying “loose lips sink ships”, so I am about that life. Not the worst, not the best, the end. Rating: 7/10

13) Clean

Yes, this song is something that I can really love. This is the this song that I was talking about earlier that I genuinely love. It reminds me of old Taylor Swift, the sound of it, the lyrics, all of it. I think it starts off a bit slow but picks up so I can appreciate that. Solid song to end an album with. Rating: 9/10

So there it is, a song by song review of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ album. I guess I need to realize that the T.Swift I grew to love is just a thing of the past, I need to get used to this version of her.