Alanis Morissette Has Written A ‘Jagged Little Pill’ Musical

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This is most definitely the best news I have heard all day.

In case you have zero taste in music, Alanis Morissette wrote her debut album Jagged Little Pill is one of the best albums written in the past 40 years. Fight me on it, I dare you!

Well according to the New York Times, Alanis’ musical will be at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, MA in May of 2018.

Alanis is working with Diablo Cody, who has written screenplays like ‘Juno’ and ‘Jennifer’s Body’ along with Diane Paulus who is a Tony award winning director.

I can’t wait for whomever to belt out “You Oughta Know”, this is going to be legendary!

If I am not there opening night I am going to be so upset with myself.

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Alanis Morissette Updated The “Ironic” Lyrics With Modern Struggles

A traffic jam...

I think we can all agree we have jammed out to “Ironic” once or twice, or multiple times depending on if you want to admit it or not. Well it looks like it was time for an updated according to James Cordon and I think it’s perfect.

There’s not much more to say than that but check out this updated version because it’s pretty hilarious.

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