Are Zendaya & Odell Beckham Jr Dating?

Grammys 2016: Zendaya and Odell Beckham Jr. Spotted at Grammy Awards Afterparty

It looks like we have a hot new young Hollywood couple on our hands! Rising star Zendaya and football star were spotted together at the Universal Music Group’s 2016 Grammy Awards afterparty on Monday night!

Odell was linked to Amber Rose in the past but the two of them never made any serious appearances like this. Zendaya is 19 and Odell is 23, so it is potentially a beautiful young couple in the making.

Zendaya’s rep did not return People magazines calls, but according to the article the two were arm in arm together. They didn’t even break apart when the photographers asked for single photos!

If this is a new couple, congrats to them! They are both young, rich and beautiful so why not enjoy it, right?

Also can Zendaya do any wrong? She rocked a mullet on the red carpet and went home (possibly went home) with one of the hottest players in the NFL, good for you girl!

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Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez Were Spotted Chatting At A VMA After-Party

nick jonas selena gomez whisper 2015 vmas party 05

Yes, let’s make this couple a thing again. I mean Nick Jonas is one of the hottest guys out there right now, Selena Gomez is still one of the hottest women in young Hollywood. They should totally get back together. Look at that face, she is all smirking at whatever Nick was saying to her. Go for it Selena, get back with Nick because dayum he is looking good lately.

Again this is probably all innocent talking, catching up with each other but I don’t care. This would be the hottest couple out there. She dated him when he looked like a chia pet but he grew up into a fine looking man.

Selena give it another go, I would greatly approve of this happening.

I ship it!

Click here and tell me what you think! Should these two give it another try?!