What Is Going On With Bruce Jenner?


So let’s be real right now, what in the actual fuck is going on with Bruce Jenner? There are tons of rumors swirling around the internet right now and I am as curious as the next person. Bruce recently went under the knife and got his Adam’s apple shaved down so it is not loner noticeable. According to a plastic surgeon that is sometimes the first step to doing a full on sex change. Am I saying that is why he did it? No. I am just saying considering all the other rumors, it is interesting.

Can we talk about how his nose looks like it got done too? It looks like him and Kris are going to the same plastic surgeon right now. Look at that ombre hair too. He is taking after Kylie and Khloe right now. He probably thought that they looked so fab he wanted to look as fab as them! According to TMZ he also has been growing his nails out for some odd reason, maybe he wants to look like a crazy bag lady?

So what do you think is going on right now with Bruce? Is he just going through a midlife crisis or does he want to be a woman? I really have no idea. I mean obviously he realized that girls had more fun living with all those crazy Kardashian women for such a long time.

It is all just very odd considering he just likes to play golf and play with his helicopters. His hair is fab though, right? Can’t go wrong with some ombre!