Is Patrick Dempsey Looking Better Than Ever?

patrick dempsey feels magical being part of le mans race 02

I am starting to think that Patrick Dempsey is getting better with age. So obviously I watched him on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ but I have never been attracted to him. Now that he is off the show though, damn he looks better than ever! I mean he has a bit of that gray hair going on but he looking so damn good. Hottest almost 50 year old in the game!

I am a real fan of whatever it is that you’re doing Patrick, keep it up.

patrick dempsey feels magical being part of le mans race 04

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Happy 52nd Birthday Johnny Depp!

You know how there are some people who are just forever hot? Johnny Depp is one of those people. Not many actors can say they have been hot for over three decades, usually at some point they have a fall apart people. Johnny is not one of those men. He has been in the spotlight since 20, and he has been hot ever since then!

So happy birthday you handsome son of a bitch!

Remembering Diem Brown On The Night Of Her Final Episode Of The Challenge

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“I’m realizing that no matter how organized your ducks are, life can change in two seconds, so you can’t keep on waiting. If you keep on waiting, it’s gone.”

“If you have a positive outlook on anything, you’re able to heal yourself, and I think that my mindset right now is really positive. I want to prove to myself that I’m strong and that I can do everything that anybody else can do.”

So tonight was the final episode of ‘The Challenge’ that Diem Brown will ever star in which hurts. Being an avid fan of the show for the past ten years or so it is so hard to say goodbye to a competitor like Diem. On the show she was one of the stronger female players and off the show, she had the fight of her life. She fought cancer for years and she absolutely did an incredible job doing it. She documented the whole thing just to show the world that there is living when it comes to living with cancer. Diem had always been so open about it for so long,

While watching this episode you can see the pain and the agony that is occurring to her body, but she is still there willing to compete. It is only when she can no longer stand up that she finally is taken to the hospital, then flown back to New York to start treatment immediately. One of the most interesting things that I noticed was that Avery, one of the rookies, was helping pack up her bags. Someone who had only known her for a few weeks felt so close to her that she wanted to help pack her things. (I don’t actually know how long they knew each other but I assume that it wasn’t very long).

While typing this there are tears in my eyes and people would probably make fun of me if they could see me. One thing that I can say is that I genuinely felt like I knew Diem, like how you feel like you know all of the regular cast members from The Challenge. After watching her on my television set for such a long time, following her story as a warrior, it is hard to not feel some sort of connection with her, even if you had never met her in real life.

I just wanted to say thank you Diem for sharing your story. For showing that living with cancer doesn’t need to be done in fear. Thank you for showing me that you can be fearless and that girls can look pretty badass with their heads buzzed. Diem Brown is a name that will not be forgotten any time soon due to her strength and courage for the world to see. Also thank you MTV for airing it all, that is what Diem would have wanted according to what everyone close to her had said.

Rest in beautiful peace Diem and thank you for sharing your story with the world. You will be truly missed.

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Man Crush Monday: Benjamin McKenzie

Benjamin McKenzie was my first television crush, you know the one that you wait all week to see on television because you think you are so in love with them? Yeah, well he was mine. Ben playing Ryan Atwood consumed my early teenage years and then him on the show Southland consumed my years up until now. Tonight he will be premiering in the highly anticipated show ‘Gotham’ the prequel to all of that Batman movies. At least that is what I have been told.

I like to think that Benjamin McKenzie has outgrown his whole ‘The OC’ days but let’s be real. No matter who he plays on television, he is basically just plying a grown up Ryan Atwood, am I right?

Really though, can you get a hotter male television actor than Ben McKenzie? Sure he is a bit short but that jawline, those perfect blue eyes, oh and his sexy voice! Can’t forget his brooding, that is another important part of his looks. You just can’t beat it!

Anyway, I am so happy to have this handsome man back on my television and it is important that he stays on the television!

Thanks for continuing to be beautiful, I greatly appreciate it.

Ryan Phillippe Goes Shirtless And Looks Incredible

ImageIn the words of Uncle Jesse, have mercy! Thank you Just Jared for posting a little blog about how good Ryan Phillippe looks. I feel like people have forgotten about him because he hasn’t been in anything for so long but he is so damn good looking. Back in the day if it was between Ryan Phillippe or Freddie Prinze Jr, I would choose Ryan 100 percent of the time. He had that bad boy thing going for him.

Lok at him now though, he is almost 40, maybe even 40 by now but he is looking incredible. Those muscles, that jawline, those tattoos, still a bad boy but also a DILF.

I just don’t have anything more to say about this, so I will just post some pictures and take a moment for myself.


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Man Crush Monday: Aaron Taylor Johnson


I will say that Aaron Taylor Johnson is one of the least talked about hot guys in Hollywood. Number one he is English, he has blue eyes, and he has an incredible body. Why don’t people talk about him more?! If you don’t recognize him you have probably seen him in Kick-Ass or Savages. Well probably mostly Kick-Ass. Oh you might know him because he is only 23 and he has two children with a director who is 47. Yeah he is a dad! DILF, right?

Anyway, Aaron gets the spot this week because I meant to talk about him when Godzilla came out but that didn’t happen. Instead I was side tracked by something else.

I will say that he has all the qualities to be one of Hollywood’s hottest actors and not just because of his looks. He is a good actor, he was incredible in Anna Kerenina! He can play the drug dealing hippie, the geeky guy, or even a soldier!

Hope you all enjoy your man candy today ladies! Let me know if you have any opinions for next week!




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Man Crush Monday: Channing Tatum


So 22 Jump Street will be coming out soon and that means Channing Tatum will yet again be the hottest guy of the summer. Now I know that a lot of women are either in love with him or think he is gross, I am in love with him. I think that he looks good no matter what. I know sometimes he has a little weight on himself but I don’t care, still perfect. Since Step Up, I have thought he was hot and clearly I have good taste since he later became the Sexiest Man Alive.

Channing isn’t the best actor in the world but he tries, so I give him credit. He has done romantic dramas, comedies, and action movies. Oh and he was also a stripper in real life and in a movie so that was great for everyone involved.

You can Channing my Tatum.

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Man Crush Monday: Michael B. Jordan


Happy Monday! This weeks man crush Monday is well deserved, Michael B Jordan. You know MBJ, yeah thats what I want to call him, he has some big things going on. He stirred up the pot when he was cast as The Flame or Torch or something in Fantastic Four, people were going to riot in the fucking streets! Relax! Everything will be okay, I promise. Michael I absolutely incredible.

Whenever I think of this guy I think of a young Denzel, he has the looks and most importantly he is a great actor. He started off on Friday Night Lights and slowly transformed onto the big screen. Plus look at that smile, how can you not love that smile? I just want to hug him and other stuff too.

Suited up, shirtless, or anything in between, you look incredible. Thank you for letting us see all of those sides of you Michael, I appreciate it as do many other people.

Hope you all love my pick for Man Crush Monday this week!

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Looking Good Doesn’t Matter If You Are Leonardo DiCaprio


For years I have been telling my friends that Leonardo DiCaprio is no longer sexy, he isn’t hot, he isn’t god looking anymore. He has lost the thing that made him hot, meaning his looks. They of course would fight me on it saying that he was and still is one of the sexiest guys on this planet. No, no, no, no.

I mean if this picture of anyone else people would be saying how gross he looks with his lil beer belly and his bun. Nope, it is Leonardo DiCaprio so it is sexy! I don’t understand! Can you imagine if this was someone like, Adam Sandler? People would rip him to shreds!

I guess looks don’t matter if you played Jack Dawson, women will love you for life and obviously Leo takes full advantage of that.

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Man Crush Monday: Zac Efron

ImageFor some unknown reason Zac Efron has never been one of my man crush Mondays. I have said over and over again how beautiful he is and how I would love to marry him. Some reason I just never put him down at as crush. This week that all changed though! After that whole shirtless thing at the Movie Awards? How could I hate it?

When Zac was in High School Musical I won’t lie, I wasn’t a fan! I didn’t think that he would amount to much, I figured he would be another teen sensation that fizzled out but he proves me wrong! After watching him Charlie St.Cloud I realized that I could potentially be in love with him. Then I saw him in The Lucky One and I realized I was madly in love with him.

Zac has had a tough start to 2014 but he can pull through! I have faith that we will be seeing him for many years to come.

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