Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet Pose Together On The Oscars Red Carpet

I am going to just sit here and pretend that Kate is whispering something like, “should we tell them we have been dating for the past ten years” and Leo is laughing because it is time. I know far fetched but it is my dream! Okay?

These two are adorable and I love that they made time to meet up on the red carpet, they will probably be seated very close at the awards too. So when Leo wins the two can hug and everyone will cry.

This award season has truly been great for these two, I love it. They have had so many great red carpet moments and hopefully tonight there will be a great moment when Leo goes up to accept his award.

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John Legend & Chrissy Tiegen Are Relationship Goals On The Oscars Red Carpet

My favorite Hollywood couple is John and Chrissy, they look absolutely incredible too. These two always show such love and affection on the red carpet but also off the red carpet. It isn’t an act, it is truly incredibly adorable.

Chrissy looks beautiful, John looks so handsome. Soon enough they were be the most adorable parents in the world, that is all that matters.

Guys take a tip from John, always look at your lady how he looks at his Chrissy.

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Mindy Kaling Stuns On The 2016 Oscar Red Carpet

Mindy Kaling has never looked better than she does on this red carpet. Let’s be real. The dress is absolute perfection, the color looks great on her. I love that her hair is pulled up into a bun and her jewelry is beautiful but subtle.

Just in case you were wondering the train on her dress is three feet long. I think she is waiting for someone to step on it, so her dress rips off and she become an internet sensation. I am sure her alter ego Mindy Lahiri would absolutely love that idea.

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Jacob Tremblay Looks Dapper On The 2016 Oscar Red Carpet

Although Jacob Tremblay was snubbed and not nominated for Best Supporting Actor, but he looks great!

I think that we can all agree even though he isn’t going to win and Oscar tonight he has won award season. He has won the hearts of people all over the world and I am sure that we will continue to see a lot more of him.

So congratulations for winning the entire award season Jacob! Keep being freaking adorable!

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Will Smith Confirms He’ll Skip The 2016 Oscars

Today (January 21st) on Good Morning America, Will Smith confirmed what we all kind of assumed, after his wife’s rant about the white washed Oscars he is going to stand by her side and not attend the Oscars either. Will explains that it is about a deeper social conflict in this world rather than just the Oscars. He goes on to explain that it has nothing to do with the fact that he wasn’t nominated for his role in ‘Concussion’.

Check out the interview.

I am very torn about this issue because should there be more diversity in Hollywood? I absolutely believe it should be. There should be more strong women roles, people of color should have more serious roles. My only thing with the Oscars is that the nominations are voted on by their peers. Actors vote on who should be nominated. If you are not nominated it means that your peers, other actors, don’t believe that you have done a good enough job. That is where I am getting lost.

Is there a race barrier in this country that is becoming more and more apparent? Yes, I think that the media is playing into it as well.

This issue though? This issue of the Oscars? Ricky Gervais said it best, no one cares if you win an award, only you care if you win the award.

There are real issues happening in our country right now. Children are dying in Flint because the government decided they didn’t deserve clean water, veterans are living on the streets because of mental health issues and the cost of health care.

So I stand here and say shame on you Will Smith, Spike Lee, Jada Smith, all of you have such a platform where you can say so much and influence so many people. Tell people to donate to a cause, don’t be bitter because you didn’t get nominated for a movie that didn’t get great reviews to begin with.

I also didn’t hear anyone complaining when they were nominated in certain categories, and were the only person of color to be nominated.

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Janet Hubert Rips Jada Pinkett Smith Over Her Anti-Oscars Post

I loved this post because I do this it is important to listen to. Honestly is the Oscars whitewashed? Yes. It is. In Jada’s rant she talked about how this is a shame, which it is. The one thing that people need to remember is that other actors and actresses were the people who voted for these categories. It isn’t simply a group of old, white men deciding who gets these awards. Actors and actresses of all shapes, colors, and sizes get together and decide.

Jada has more opportunity than most actors out there because of who she is married too and the money that they have. As Janet said, people are dying yet you want to complain about the Oscars? Will has been nominated twice for an Oscar and has been nominated four times for the Golden Globes.

If you got this far let’s donate to all of the kids being poisoned in Flint, I think that is more important than the Oscars and who was nominated.

Check out the video below and let me know if you agree with Jada or Janet.

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