Selena Gomez & The Weeknd Are Still Going Strong!

Honestly, The Weeknd and Selena Gomez have been together a lot longer than I thought they would be.

Last night The Weeknd added a photo with Gomez to his Instagram story with the simply caption “Home”.

The couple have been fairly quiet lately and honestly I kind of forgot that they were even dating each other. When they first got to together it was like every single second was photographed but we get it, they are a couple, and maybe that is why they have calmed down a bit.

Either way, they are actually kind of adorable. I really don’t know many men who would deal with their girlfriend sitting on their lap when they played video games. Then again, most of those women aren’t Selena.

So this pop royalty couple is still very much together.

I have a question though, do you ship it?

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The Weeknd & Selena Gomez Are Finally Instagram Official

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The Weeknd and Selena Gomez have called the paparazzi on themselves many times, been spotted for the past few months all over the world. They have been in New York, Los Angeles, Italy, Paris, Toronto, it’s really just been a world tour of showing the world they are a real life couple.

These two definitely aren’t a publicity stunt, right?

Think about it.

Anyway, The Weeknd decided to make it Instagram official with his current girlfriend, posting a selfie of the two last night.

There’s still something about this couple that I don’t quite believe but hey, I’ve been wrong before.

Oh yeah, Selena did make it official on Instagram before in a quick video but deleted it almost immediately.

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The Weeknd Announces New Album “STARBOY”!

This new era is gonna be lit! Sorry, I tried to be young and hip.

Last week The Weeknd let his fans know that he was going to be deleting all of the photos from his Instagram account but didn’t say why. It was simply what he was doing and that was that.

Looks like he was preparing for a new era though. Recently in an interview he said that this album was going to be a bit different and his influences had been artists like Prince and The Smiths.

Get ready because soon enough The Weeknd will be back in the top spot where he belongs!

Are you excited for this new album? I am.

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