Aaron Carter Enters Treatment Facility To Better His Health

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So this is a really positive thing, at least I hope that it is a positive thing for Aaron Carter. I know that we live in this country where we want to see people fail, I will admit I have been a part of that narrative.

It is also important to see people making strives to be better themselves. Right?

Over the past few months Aaron has clearly been having a tough time. He was arrested under suspicion of a DUI, he has had multiple welfare checks over the past few weeks.

Today Aaron checked into a treatment facility though and hopefully it works out for him.

Aaron’s rep told  E! News “Aaron has decided to enter a facility to improve his health and work on his overall wellness. He is going to do this privately and focus all his attention on being the best person and performer possible, he is grateful for the support and love from his fans and looks forward to coming back stronger than ever before.”

Hopefully he is able to find peace there and come out better than before!

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Aaron Carter Releases Statement On DUI Arrest

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So over the weekend Aaron Carter was arrested in Georgia over the weekend and the singer is not happy about it.

The best thing about when Aaron is unhappy? He turned to Twitter!

He lets it all out like it is the fucking Burn Book from ‘Mean Girls’ and I am all about it.

The singer was accused of drunk driving and having possession of marijuana. Both Aaron and his girlfriend were booked and charged, but are both out now after posting bail.

So are you ready for Aaron’s statement? I am ready for it.

In the statement Aaron explains that his celebrity was attacked and that he wasn’t even driving a car when the arrest happened.

Check it out!


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Aaron Carter Releases New Song “Sooner Or Later”

In case you didn’t know Aaron Carter is on a serious comeback and this song is kind of dope. I mean I actually really love it. The beat is absolutely incredible, and I am pretty sure that Aaron created it. So I give him credit for that.

Also, if you don’t know who Aaron Carter is, you’re too young for this blog.

Aaron announced that he was going to be recreating his smash hit “I Want Candy” but we have yet to hear that.

This song is definitely a great club song.

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Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC Mastermind Lou Pearlman Dead at 62

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Over the weekend Lou Pearlman was found dead in his cell at the Federal Correctional Institute in Tezarkana, Texas where he was serving a 25 year prison sentence for stealing over $300 million from different investors, and even some of his talent.

The Backstreet Boys were Lou’s first real taste of fame, and he stole millions from them. He put them together, claimed he was a sixth member and got paid like he was one of them. In case you didn’t know, that isn’t legal. You can’t be a member and also get paid as a manager, it’s the law. When the boys complained about being too tired to do certain things, after touring for nearly eight years in Europe before they made it big in America, Lou decided to form NSYNC, he literally made competition so the Backstreet Boys would continue to hustle hard and make money that he was taking at the end of the day.

So anyway, he stole a shit ton of money, he also created a ton of talent. Without Lou there is a good chance there wouldn’t have been that pop resurgence in America in the late 90’s. He not only found Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, he also found LFO, Aaron Carter, and O-Town as well.

Rolling Stone reported allegations about him molesting younger boys, some members of the bands listed, this is all allegedly though. Nothing has ever been confirmed. When his past caught up to him with his money scheme though, he went off to Bali but FBI agents found him and he was brought back to the United States to be tried.

Due to his checkered past it seems as though members of the bands have mixed emotions about his passing.

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In Honor Of Nation Sibling Day: 10 Of Hollywood’s Hottest Siblings!

This list isn’t the most relevant list but I don’t care! I don’t even like some of these siblings! They were just the first 10 that I could think of off of the top of my head. Hope they all give each other a big hug today! Or at least send out a nice tweet about how much they love each other.

10. Julianne & Derek Hough


I can’t even lie these two creep me out, I think that Derek might have a crush on Julianne and is upset she is more famous than him. They can both dance really well though so good for them! Keep on dancing. I am going to call these two the new Donny and Marie Osmond!

9. Ashlee & Jessica Simpson


Even though we haven’t heard much from Ashlee in a few years she will always have a special place in my music loving heart. She left us with the classic album Autobiography which described my angsty 12 year old problems to a T. I would like her to come back though, make some new tunes. Jessica on the other hand? Just keep doing whatever you are doing, don’t come back and sing.

8. Dave & James Franco


Women love these two men and I don’t really understand why. I don’t find either all that attractive and they aren’t great actors either. I put them here because I know they are loved tough. So there you go ladies, there are your Franco brothers on the list!

7. Kevin, Joe, & Nick Jonas


So here are these assholes, the Jonas Brothers. The band that put together a world tour and got their fans all excited then broke up like some kind of big shot assholes. They will be back together once they realize no solo careers will work out. Joe, you are a wanna be to the fullest, you will never be anything but a Jonas Brother. Nick, you are beautiful so keep up with that. Kevin, well nothing to say about you.

6. Prince William & Prince Harry


Praise, that is all I can say about these two siblings. Thank you for both being so good looking. People can make fun of William for being bald now but that mother fucker is going to be king one day! Harry, he can give you all the riches and he most likely won’t even be king, just a title without responsibilities. Either one works for me!

5. Britney & Jamie Lynn Spears


I do believe that Jamie Lynn is fluent in whatever language Britney Spears speaks so that is why they are so close even with a big age gap. These two have been adorable since the 90’s and I assume it will stay that way. Hell Britney even sang with Jamie Lynn on her new album! Also, major debate question, is Jamie Lynn prettier than Britney? I think so.

4. Nick & Aaron Carter


Talk about 90’s royalty right here! Nick and Aaron Carter ruled the 90’s together and even into the early 2000’s. Then they had their own show on E! and everyone saw that these two hated each other. Nick would literally beat the shit out of Aaron. Anyway, these two belong on the list for the catchy tunes that they both have! Plus they were once really cute right? I mean Nick aged well, Aaron on the other hand? I think that he hung around Lindsay Lohan too much if you know what I’m sayin’.

3.Mary Kate, Ashley, & Elizabeth Olsen


So I was going to do just Mary Kate and Ashley because let’s be real, they are always going to be famous. They could not be out in public for 50 years and if they emerged people would be like “Oh look the girls from Full House!”. Elizabeth is coming in hot on the whole move career thing though. She has more buzz about her acting than her two older sisters ever got! She also seems a hell of a lot more normal.

2. Donnie and Mark Wahlberg


Personally I am way more of a Donnie girl but I can respect people that like Mark. They have both been famous since the early 90’s and remained famous which isn’t always easy. Donnie is an actor and still with his band NKOTB, Mark is no longer in the funky bunch but he is still acting his ass off. I would like to hug Mrs.Wahlberg for giving us these two handsome and talented men.

1. Chris & Liam Hemsworth


To be honest is anyone surprised that these guys are number one? They are the hottest thing to hit America since Christopher Columbus. There are no words for how beautiful these two men are. Thank you to their parents for making them and for being so good looking. I see big things in the future for them, well Chris for sure, Liam, probably.

Aaron Carter Can’t Get Over Hilary Duff?


Singer Aaron Carter has set his sights on winning back his teenage sweetheart Hilary Duff following her marriage split from former ice hockey player Mike Comrie.

  Carter dated theactress/singer in the early 2000s, but they split amid rumors he had become embroiled in a love triangle with fellow child star Lindsay Lohan.

  The pop star has regretted his actions ever since and has continued to profess his desire to reunite with Duff, and now she is separated from Comrie, he is hoping to give their relationship another go.

  Carter, 26, took to his Twitter.com account on Wednesday and re-tweeted a fan’s photo of Duff, which featured the caption, “hilary duff is flawless.”

 He then followed up the post by writing, “Don’t be that stupid d— that loses the love of your life forever. Like me… I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to better myself to get back to her. I don’t care what ANY of you think.”

  Asked by a follower if he was referring to Duff, he simply replied, “sure am.”

  Carter’s confession comes two months after Duff announced her separation from Comrie, the father of her son Luca, who turns 3 later this month.


I am pretty sure that Aaron Carter is 50 Shades of Crazy after ready this article and looking at his tweets and everything. For all your youngsters that read this and have no idea who he is, let me give you a quick history lesson. Aaron Carter was a pint sized pop superstar in the late 90’s early 2000’s, dated Hilary Duff, dated Lindsay Lohan, Nick Carter’s younger brother. That is about all you need to know about him, basically the Bieber of that time but he never got to Bieber status.

Now here Aaron goes, popping off about how Hilary was the love of his life and all of this other bullshit. Does anyone care? I can tell you one person who doesn’t care at all. Hilary Duff doesn’t care. Anyone remember what happened when these two broke up? No? Let me remind you, he dated Lindsay Lohan. Yup, he dated her arch enemy and now wants her back? Yeah, okay.

So far Hilary hasn’t responded and she probably wont respond either. Maybe she will respond with a restraining order who knows. This is probably all just a publicity thing for Aaron to try and get some new publicity for the first time in 12 years.

Aaron oh, Aaron what are we going to do with you? Someone take his phone away from him before he starts telling Lohan he wants her back.