Kendall Jenner & A$AP Rocky Are Reportedly Dating

It looks like Kendall Jenner is no longer the single sister, she is reportedly dating rapper A$AP Rocky. I believe he dated Rihanna in the past but I don’t know what else he has done really, other than his song “Bad Bitches” that song is dope.

There was a rumor about the two of them a few years back, between her Harry Styles moments and it looks like they are dating again. They were spotted last night in Malibu grabbing some food and then a week before that they were in Miami at an art show together.

A$AP Rocky is 28 and Kendall is newly 21 but hey, some what young love, right?

Now let’s see if they show it in front of the reality cameras that are attached to the family name. No, from what I can tell Kendall is rarely out there trying to get attention, unlike the rest of her family.

Also all of these sisters sure do have a type, and by type I mean rapper.

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