Watch JoJo Pay Tribute To Aaliyah

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Today Aaliyah would have been 38 unfortunately her life was taken at a very young age, but her impact on music has stayed. She was only 22 when tragically died on a plane crash while leaving the Bahamas after a music video shoot.

Celebrating her birthday there will be plenty of tributes to Aaliyah on social media and JoJo just so happened to be one of those people.

During one of her shows on the Mad Love tour, she took time out to appreciate the late singer, covering her hit “Are You That Somebody” which is still played on the radio to this day. It came out in 1998, so almost 20 years later people still love to hear it.

Check out the tribute below!

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Missy Elliot Remembers Friend Aaliyah 15 Years After Her Tragic Death

It is hard to believe that it has been 15 years since Aaliyah passed away in a tragic airplane accident. One of the most talented members of young Hollywood in the early 2000’s for sure. She was a singer and an actress, and probably would’ve went on to do even more great things.

Missy discovered Aaliyah and took her under her wing, so their bond was extremely tight. Throughout the years Missy has spoken about how much she misses her good friend, and how she hopes to keep her spirit alive.

Aaliyah will never be forgotten, and thank you for the art you created while on this earth.

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Aaliyah Song ‘Shakin’ Released On Timbaland Mixtape

Oh my god! This is the greatest Christmas present that I could have ever asked for! I loved Aaliyah and I genuinely believe that it is a shame that she was taken away from this world at such a young age. She had so many more years of music left to give.

I have a theory that if Aaliyah didn’t pass away, then Beyonce wouldn’t be who Beyonce is. I know that is a statement but I genuinely believe it.

Anyway, listen to the song. Aaliyah’s voice is absolute perfection. I don’t like Timbaland’s voice but guess what, he released this for us to enjoy so I can’t even be mad at him!

Check it out below!

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